3 Tips for Successful Job Interviews in 2018

3 Tips for Successful Job Interviews in 2018

The new year means new beginnings. You updated your resume. You spruced up your cover letter. You applied to jobs for a CPA. Now, the interview requests are starting to roll in. It’s time for you to implement tips for having successful job interviews in 2018.

Know the Employer Before Your Interview


Research the company before meeting your interviewer. Search the company on the internet and read its mission statement as well as facts and figures on the website and its social media platforms. You might also consider researching the industry to understand current trends and news in the industry. It is also preferable to have knowledge about your potential employer’s competitors. Finally, recap the role you applied for by reading the specifications and having as much understanding as possible about what the company would expect of you.

Put Effort Into Making an Excellent First Impression


Your interviewer will judge you within just seven seconds of meeting you. First and foremost, dress professionally, even if the company has a casual dress code. Men should wear suits, nice shoes, and a tie. Women should wear a dress, a skirt, or nice slacks with a nice top. Keep jewelry to a minimum and ensure hair and makeup look natural. Don’t forget to smile and use a firm handshake. Above all else, be at least 15 minutes early so that you don’t arrive looking flustered.

Sell Your Skills the Right Way


Part of making a good first impression is selling yourself appropriately without being arrogant. Know your own CV and the job’s description backward and forward. Answer questions with the best examples of your education and experience. Taylor each answer to the specific job so that you don’t sound as if you’ve over-rehearsed your answers.

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