Heather Weber Merrill Lynch suggests the best energy drinks to charge you up post work out

Heather Weber Merrill Lynch suggests the best energy drinks to charge you up post work out

When you sweat it out in the gym, you do burn the unwanted fat but you also lose a lot of water from the body which is not replenished timely may even lead to dehydration. As such, pre and post work-out, you must consume liquids in the right quantity so that the work out pays off.

As suggested by Heather Weber Merrill Lynch, here’s why you need energy drinks pre and post work out:

  • While exercising we not only lose water but also essential minerals from the body and that is precisely why after every work out session we must consume power packed energy drinks that can refuel us with the essential minerals as well as water.
  • Energy drinks contain certain compounds which when consumed 15-20 mins after a rigorous work out session can actually help in boosting the fat burning mechanism and at the same time facilitate the breakdown of proteins and carbs into useful substances.

Since, there is a demand of energy drinks, there are plenty of them available in the market. Although it is very easy to buy and drink up these packaged drinks, it is always better to consume the home made ones and here’s why:

  • The packaged drinks have a high sugar content which is not the case with the home made ones. When you make a drink on your own you can always control the amount of sugar that you add to the mixture.
  • Also, when you make an energy drink at home, you use real fruits that are fresh and clean and without any preservatives. However, when you are buying packaged drinks you can never know what is actually being used to manufacture the product.

So, now that it is established that consuming energy drinks post work out can be really helpful, here are a few quick suggestions to help you stir up that energy potion every morning before hitting the gym.

  • The cranberry and beet crusher:

This is one drink that is designed to fuel you up instantly. All you need is some fresh beet, cranberry, kale, celery, and tofu. Just crush them together until smooth and add some orange juice and honey as a top up and there you are, ready with a smart energy drink in just two minutes.

  • Mixed berries with Banana shake:

For this energy rich drink all you need are an assortment of berries that you can lay your hands on, frozen banana and low fat milk. Once you have these in place, just stir them all up and you are ready with a concoction that is rich in anti-oxidants as well as essential fibres.

  • The pumpkin powerhouse:

This is another shake that is designed to fill you up with Vitamin A as well as mono-saturated fats. So, to shake up this shake, you need to put together frozen pumpkins, yogurt, avocado, flax seed powder and maple syrup. Blend them all together into a smoothie and gulp it down 20 minutes after a work-out.

As fitness experts and nutritionist Heather Weber Merrill Lynch suggests, energy drinks complement the efforts you put in during a work-out session and that is precisely why you should always have one ready after exercising.

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