How To Run A Well-Organised Marketing Campaign

How To Run A Well-Organised Marketing Campaign

Poor organisation can be the downfall of even the most inspired marketing campaign. You could have a creative, original idea and a talented team working behind the scenes, only to have the campaign fall apart as time progresses thanks to improper planning and poor time management. Whether it’s a minor marketing event in your calendar or a major campaign to launch a new business, organisation is essential. Use these management tips to stay on track.

Use Software To Make Life Easier

There are tech solutions today for most things, including your campaign management. Use software specially designed for project management marketing to make sure the campaign runs like a well oiled machine from start to finish. The software should offer a detailed calendar, team and role areas, areas to share documents and files, and timelines to help you keep an eye on the deadlines at play. This should allow everyone in the team more time to work on their particular role in the campaign without having to worry about administrative tasks, and the software will ensure that every member of the team is on track at each stage of the campaign.

Use A Content Calendar

Content is usually an important part of any modern marketing campaign. It can be easy to lose control of your content plan during a campaign, particularly if you have a huge amount of content going out on a wide range of channels. Use your software or an Excel spreadsheet to schedule each piece of content. If you’re writing social media posts, you can even include the content itself in the spreadsheet to simply copy over to the correct channel when the time comes. There are also social media planning programs available that will allow you to pre-schedule content across several platforms, which can come in handy when you’re short on manpower and want to make sure everything goes live as it should.

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 Encourage Strong Communication

Poor communication can be a huge downfall to the organisation of your campaign. Make sure the line of communication is kept open at all times between employees and senior staff members, as well as communication between the agency and clients. You can use team chatting software systems to update one another on changes and any notes – just be sure that every member of the team working on the campaign understands how to use all of the programs and software involved so errors are avoided beforehand.

Run Regular Analytics Checkups

The only way to know if your campaign is on the right track is to keep a close eye on it. Schedule analytics checks at regular stages throughout the campaign to ensure that your goals are being met. You’ll need to know exactly where your ROE (return on effort) is heading at all times, so that you can pause and re-think the campaign and make adjustments if necessary. Use analytics programs to assess your click through rate on digital marketing campaigns, leads generated, bounce and open rates on marketing emails, and sales figures. You won’t be able to access a final figure on the success of the campaign until all is said and done, but regular checkups could help you prevent a disaster further down the line if you can pinpoint where mistakes are being made.

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