Will a health and safety consultant make a difference to your workplace?

Will a health and safety consultant make a difference to your workplace?

Every business should be making health and safety a priority but it can be difficult to know where to start, particularly for a small business.  The fact is that there is a whole range of health and safety regulations that you need to be aware of and at times like that it can help to call in the experts.



The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 covers all the health and safety requirements of every workplace. While staff members are expected to take a certain amount of responsibility for their own health and safety at work, it is ultimately the responsibility of the employer to make sure that the workplace is a safe environment.  But what does the act cover?  This is where a health and safety consultant could come in useful.  They will know exactly which sections of the act apply to you and how they can be implemented.  They will be aware of any additional legislation that you should be aware of as there are different regulations that apply to different industries.  They can explain exactly which laws you may or may not be in breach of and how to put that right.


One of the easiest ways to ensure that health and safety remains a priority is to have a series of policies and procedures in place that will allow you to keep your workers safe – health and safety consultants can advise on this.  Once the procedures are in place it is easy to keep them up to date and it should not encroach on the day to day running of the workplace.  One example is the safety procedures of laboratory and manufacturing equipment. It should all be tested regularly, perhaps once a week to ensure that emergency cut-off switches work as needed.  Staff members can undergo fire marshal training, which is useful in case of an office fire, for example. A simple form should be checked off to show that this has been done and who has completed the task. The same procedure should apply to fire alarms. Regular checking of equipment will ensure that it is in good working order and the staff using it are in as little danger as possible. Your health and safety consultant will be able to help you to put these procedures in place.


Once you have your procedures in place you need to determine how and when they are to be monitored.  As already mentioned, fire alarms and smoke alarms should be checked weekly and the relevant paperwork should be completed. Regular health and safety audits should be carried out that will check this paperwork and account for any discrepancies. For example, what do you do one week if the alarm does not work?  The paperwork should show evidence of maintenance, whether it is emergency work or just annual servicing. Your health and safety consultant will ensure that you know how to present your evidence of monitoring and may even be able to carry out the audits for you.

The importance of health and safety in the workplace should never be underestimated so why not get in some expert help to give you an edge?

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