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Is poor maths education hampering South Africa’s financial future?

In late 2016, the Department for Basic Education (DBE) reduced the pass mark in mathematics to just 20%. In July, unsubstantiated rumours arose suggesting that compulsory mathematics could be scrapped


Chinese Foods in US

There are nearly 41,000 Chinese eating places inside the united states, three times the wide variety of McDonald’s franchise units. Chinese meals have long been to be had in a

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Know More about House Repair Loans

When it comes to giving that perfect look to your home, there are a few things that you can get started with. You can start with wood work, getting the


Semalt Provides Anti-Spam Solution For Comments In WordPress

Getting many readers to your blog or website is the dream of any blogger. However, you may experience many spam comments on your WordPress blog. There are several methods and


Simple Tips for Boosting Sales of Digital Products

Selling digital products can be enormously lucrative, as most can avoid overhead costs of manufacturing a physical product. However, it should be noted that the digital product market, like apps,

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Reason Why You Should Audit Your Website

The rise of the Internet has really made it possible for both ends to meet, and this pertains particularly to businesses. Small-scale businesses these days are very fortunate as they