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Peter Loftin and his Many Achivements

Peter Loftin is one name, instantaneously synonymous with reputation, philanthropy and of course – tremendous credentials. Today, in the course of the post, we will go on to discover just


How to Make Your Business Run More Efficiently

Small businesses can be impressively inefficient–have you ever had to push 40 hours of work into 2 or 3 work days and ended up being so overwhelmed you just ignored


Why Cloud HR Services are so much better

The Cloud, what is it and what’s its purpose? I was led to believe, from an early age, that a cloud was something I always had my head stuck in!


A Guide for Brainstorming to Corporate Expression

Brainstorming is a way of breaking out of the box. The use of an interactive whiteboard is becoming outdated while idea walls, writing walls and graffiti walls are becoming a


3 Tips for Successful Job Interviews in 2018

The new year means new beginnings. You updated your resume. You spruced up your cover letter. You applied to jobs for a CPA. Now, the interview requests are starting to


4 Smart Ways for Better Property Valuation

The valuation of your house/property depends upon a lot of factors. This value of your property determines how much you would get if you sell the property. If you have

Direct Marketing

Small Business Marketing Tips For Success

When advertising and promotion are done via radios, televisions, and various print media by large companies, then a small company can utilize another station.  It’s tough to compete with these