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Is your data safe on iSeries cloud?

Before I answer this question, let me give you a few examples of businesses or service providers who support cloud technologies. Netflix, Xerox, Etsy, Instagram, Apple, MediaMath are a few


Finding an Underwater Paradise at Wakatobi

At Wakatobi, the turquoise waters glistened invitingly. As I gazed in the endless ocean expanse ahead of me, my heart fluttered with dread and excitement. With flippers on and goggles


Things you Need to Understand Life Insurance

One of the main backbones of individual finance, life insurance deserves consideration by all households. We would even say that it is essential to some people. But despite its almost


Why Tech-driven Warehouses are Essential for any Modern Business

Today’s companies are trying to implement various modern solutions into their businesses to enhance their services, improve customer support and experience, to increase sales, cut some costs, and more importantly,


4 Office Maintenance Tips for Professional-Looking SMBs

As if running a business doesn’t already take up most of your time, energy, and money, you must also worry about keeping your office space from falling apart. Unfortunately, the


Motorbike Trip: A Delightful Way to Enjoy Lake Toba

A delightful way to enjoy Lake Toba is to rent a motorcycle from among hundreds of rental locations in Tuk and only hit the street. If you get on the

Direct Marketing

The most direct ways to reach your audience

It can be a game changer when a business has a direct line to their customers. It means they can get their message across in an undiluted way, and the


An Improved Credit Repair Solution for Saving Your Time

Credit Score is the 3 digit number between the score of 300 and 850 that are mainly designed for representing the credit risk, paying bills on time and many others.


A Modest Comparison between Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes

You could have probably seen people smoking in public places like a bus stop or train station and beside you. You would have definitely felt annoyed with the cloud of


Professional Live Answering Services: How Does it Work?

When a toothache awakens you at 3 in the morning, you want someone to help you relieve the pain. When you have problems setting up your personal computer, you want