5 moments when you need an instant payment

5 moments when you need an instant payment

Doing money transfers can be quite a burden sometimes. Whether you do it from the bank’s office or online, it can take several days until the transfer is actually carried out. Moreover, if the sender and the receiver don’t have their accounts at the same banking entity or use different currencies, things get even messier.

¿But what should we do if we need an instant payment? Thanks to an app called VERSE instant payments we can order instant money transfers from our smartphone, we only need to download the app and start sending or receiving money instantly whenever we need it. Moreover, thanks to the new social update we can also organize events and groups of friends in order to raise money.

So let’s talk about the real benefits of this new way of paying. When do we really need to do an instant payment? Actually, quite many times. Let’s have a look!


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Split the bill

Who hasn’t gone out for dinner with friends and paid the whole bill with the idea of getting paid each part afterwards? Reality is that too often once the bill is paid nobody remembers, or doesn’t have cash or whatever.

With this kind of instant payments someone can pay the whole bill and get paid by each friend instantly. Because, as the French proverb says “good accounts make good friends”.

Running out of money

Imagine it’s the end of the month and you are praying for your paysheet, suddenly you have to buy plane tickets or buy a birthday present but you can’t afford it right now. Ask for an instant payment to your friends, partner or parents, you can give it back once you get paid.


International money transfers can turn into a nightmare in traditional banking. Depending on the banking entities, the countries and the currencies it can take forever until you actually get the money. Thanks to instant payments you can send or receive money immediately so you travel much more safely. No matter what happens, how much the only available hotel in town costs or how much they ask for the cheapest menu, thanks to instant payments you can travel comfortably without worrying all the time about how much money you’ve got left.

Making presents

Sometimes we don’t have the time to buy presents or we are not at the same city as the person we want to make the present to. Easy, just send him or her an instant payment. When it’s about making a collective present, the instant payment app is also useful for splitting the bill once again.

When you owe money

Instant payment isn’t just about receiving money, but also about sending. When you owe somebody money and you never remember to pay him or her, you kind of get more ashamed every time. Instant payments can help you pay all your debts and improve your financial reputation among your friends. After all, you’re a reliable person. Right?

As you see instant payments can help you at almost any kind of situation. Money transfers made easy and quick right from your pocket.

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