A Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Dress Shapes Skirt Shapes

A Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Dress Shapes Skirt Shapes

There are lots to discuss about weddings, from summer weddings, winter weddings, church weddings, wedding marquees to flowers, catering, guest list and so on. In this post, we are going to discuss wedding dress skirt shapes. With the choices ranging from sweetheart to high and V-necked, there is a style available to flatter and intrigue any blushing bride.

It is common for a female to have an idea of the wedding they would like when entering the wedding dress shop. The most popular option in the UK is the puffy ball gown. However, this does not mean it will be the most suitable style for all females. This is why it is encouraged that you enter the store with an open mind and willingness to try several different wedding skirt styles because you are not sure which one you will be interested in. If you are unsure of your options, then it is recommended that you read on and update yourself on the details of the different wedding dress skirt styles.

• The A-Line Skirt

The A-line dress is a popular option in addition to the ball gown option, especially for females who are not interested in large amounts of fabric in the lower skirt area. This type of skirt presents with a narrow top and gradual widening towards the bottom, creating a fluid A-shape. Due to the shape of this skirt skimming over the hips, it minimises the width and makes the waist appear smaller drawing the eye to the bust.

The A-line skirt is highly beneficial for dresses with detailed busts because it draws attention to the bust area instead of the skirt. This is the reason why you will often find A-line dresses presented with a simple, neat skirt and an intricate, decorative bodice.

• The Ball Gown

The ball gown is the most traditional skirt type with full length and puffy appearances. It is typically made using several layers of chiffon and tulle fabric creating a full look. This skirt shape is currently one of the most popular choices with brides who dream of the ‘fairy-tale wedding’. The dress can be designed using simple, wide bases to large ‘meringue’ shapes.

Due to the skirt presenting with such a large amount of volume, the gathering around the waist can appear much smaller making the bodies look chic. This style is beneficial for all body shapes with all necklines. Therefore, the ball gown is one of the most versatile skirts available.

• The Column

The column dress also referred to as a straight skirt, is a slim-fitting dress presenting with a dead straight shape from neckline to hem. This type of dress is typically designed using silk or light chiffon allowing a natural flow instead of stiff appearance. The column dress hugs the wearer’s body emphasising her figure making it a popular choice for slimmer brides. The only disadvantage to column dresses is that the wearer will need to wear a control bodice to create a smooth silhouette.

• The Fishtail Skirt

The fishtail, or mermaid skirt, is considered one of the more original and unique wedding dress alternatives. Similar to the column dress, the fishtail skirt will hug the body following the body’s shape from the waist down before flaring out at the knees. To effectively wear this style, it is essential that the wearer has a curvaceous body with curves around the hips. The materials in the style can also be beneficial for brides because it will smooth out lumps creating a beautiful body shape promoting style and elegance, particularly for taller brides. The fishtail is one of the more popular alternatives for celebrities on the red carpet and ideal for glamorous weddings.

• The Empire Skirt

The final skirt discussed is the empire waist style of dress. This is a unique type of dress presenting with a high waist gathering underneath the bust and flowing down into a loose fitting skirt. This style of dress is perfect for slim brides with smaller busts; as well as, smaller brides who wish to add an illusion of height. The empire style is also forgiving around the waist and the hips drawing the eyes away from the lower body area towards the bust.

Final Words on the Matter

By opting for two flattering skirt styles, you should be able to find your ideal wedding dress. For each of the skirts discussed above, there are hundreds of combinations and each unique pairing with a neckline and material will make it a perfect dress.

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