A Legal Headhunter Can Guarantee You Success In The New Year

A Legal Headhunter Can Guarantee You Success In The New Year

Getting a law degree and passing the bar is a great accomplishment that you should feel proud of! However, after graduation there is still work to be done– you still have to get yourself a job after all. While being a lawyer is a prestigious occupation, it may take some time to establish yourself and build the career you have always wanted. Finding a job that suits you and that will push your career in the right direction can be a challenge, no matter how many references you have or how well you placed in school. This is where recruiting companies come into play. With the help of the proper group of legal headhunters Toronto, you can be placed at the best law firm for you and your career. In the meantime, though, here are some tips to help you find your dream job.law-professional

  1. Spruce up your resume

A personalized, well written resume should easily attract the attention of a good law firm, however, there is a limit as to what you should include. You may want to include hobbies and other personal tidbits to flesh out your resume, but many employers will see it as fluff. It’s best to keep the personal information to a minimum and focus on career and educational accomplishments.

If you choose to work with a quality legal headhunting agency like The Heller Group in Toronto, they will look over your resume and help you streamline it into a quality document before you hand it in. This way, you can be sure you are putting your best foot forward while applying for new positions. Legal recruiters in Toronto like the Heller Group will also make sure you maintain focus so that potential employers aren’t turned away from irrelevant information. Your wait staff position during college might have taught you several things, but you should try to focus on your law career exclusively. It’s also important not to be too verbose. As an attorney, your job will involve communicating to a group or jury of people clearly – if you use verbiage that not everyone knows it may come off as alienating rather than intelligent.

  1. Clean up your social media

Social media is a great tool. Unfortunately, some people don’t use the tools that they are given properly. Keep your social media accounts wholesome and focused on business. Remember that your friends can also see what you “like” and “comment” on other people’s posts. You may want to post the hilarious picture of you and your friends celebrating passing the bar exam with drinks in hand, but you will be thankful you didn’t when you start networking.

  1. Get out there and network

The first place any new lawyer should begin their job search is through talks withlegal recruitment companies as they will have the hottest leads on vacancies. You will also want to develop relationships with colleagues in advanced positions to see if they can introduce you to great job opportunities. Practice your social skills and maintain long-term relationships, which can be extremely beneficial throughout every point in your career.

  1. Be positive

Getting your first job out of law school may not be easy, so maintain a positive attitude and keep trying. If you remain persistent and do well at your first position, you won’t have to pretend to be positive for long.

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