Advantages of Having Customs Approval Services

Advantages of Having Customs Approval Services

Customs clearance or Customs Broking is a crucial part of import-export Business. If anybody is involved in this business or consistently ship to other countries or overseas, then they must be aware of the customs clearance as well as other duties, taxes, and surcharges.

Each country around the world has its own customs rules and regulations. Most of the business owners are not familiar with the international laws. There are some items which are banned by Government or require special permits. To ensure a timely delivery and arrival of the goods, it is advisable for business owners to hire a good custom clearance service.

ATA Carnet Services agents offer a lot of benefits and ensure a safe transportation of goods.

Systematic work

A good freight forwarder understands all the customs processes required to carry the goods in a safe and cautious way. They will save your cost and time which also ensures that your delivery will meet all the legal requirements of the country.

Good advisors

The ATA Carnet Services is capable to advise the Business owners in order to avoid any mistake. They guide those regarding taxes, import licenses, duty reliefs, classification and many more things related to the whole process of Customs Clearance.


A reputed customs clearance company ATA Carnet has years of experience and also an established network with some of the best transportation providers in the network. With the proper guidance, some companies also offer discounted services to the businesses as well.

Documentation work

With a good agency, you need not worry about the documentation work involved in the customs clearance process. They are responsible for verification of the documents and even they deliver solutions to their clients in case of any missing document.

On time and Damage free delivery

Timely delivery of the products and services is an important thing to any trader. A good agency with their strategies and ahead planning guaranteed timely and damage free delivery of the goods to the designated location.


Missing of a single paperwork can cause endless troubles in customs clearance process. But you can ensure a safe and hassle-free transportation with the reputed agency ATA Carnet as they are all aware of the changing international shipping rules and regulations.

There is no doubt that customs clearing agents offer an obstacle-free way of transporting goods to their designation.

One thing that makes customs rules and regulations confusing is that each country has their own specific requirements. For example, some countries allow pets, alcohol, and tobacco products, while others do not. Check out this helpful information to get you started.

Duty and Restricted Items are Part of the Customs Process

Most countries require duties on select items. A duty is a type of tax that is placed on specified goods and commodities. Some countries apply higher import duties and taxes on select items like high end electronics including televisions and stereos.

Some Items May Slow Down Customs Clearance

Even if allowed in the country, certain items can slow down the customs process. Alcohol is a best example. While alcohol is granted in certain countries, it often slows down the customs clearance process. Also, taxes can be very high on alcohol, making it very expensive to ship.

Concern about foreign soil is common place in the customs process. Sometimes items that might contain soil (things like golf clubs or tires) are quarantined and placed through additional screening due to concerns about soil contamination.

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