Benefits of Fleet Power Washers – Necessary Questions To Ask

Benefits of Fleet Power Washers – Necessary Questions To Ask

Commercial fleet of trucks gets to be power washed frequently because they obviously get affected by environmental elements. If prevented the smaller issues like a small patch of rust in the underbelly can turn out to be the cause of costly repairs overtime.

Benefits of power washing commercial fleet

The key benefit is to maintain the exterior looks, which gets affected due to several reasons.

Avoids rust and corrosion

  • Excessive dirt and lengthy exposure to ice, rain, and snow can affect exterior.
  • Build up of rust can eat the metal and cause holes.
  • Flexibility of joints, also get affected by rust.
  • Rock salt also chips the paint from the exterior part of the truck and any unprotected metal section.

Looks reliable

Fleet of truck represents the company, when they move around. Dirty fleet gives potential consumers an impression that the company is unreliable. They feel that the company is not proud of their work, which impacts their bottom line. Power washing and clean fleet makes it more gainful to operate the trucks in winter.

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Gives better performance

Accumulation of dirt and debris increases weight and slows down the truck speed, thus more fuel is needed for it to operate. Clean fleet is more fuel-efficient.

Extends lifespan

Clean fleet keeps away dirt accumulation, rust formation, and corrosion. Beauty and reliability of the vehicle gets maintained. Thus, its lifetime extends.

How to hire proper fleet power washers?

To gain the benefits given above, it is crucial to find a reliable fleet power washing company. On the surface, each power washer appears to be good like the other. However, a little investigation will make you learn the difference.

Questions to ask the professional fleet power washers

Do they reclaim waste water?

According to Clean Water Act, only rain water is allowed to enter storm drain. Therefore, all the waste water needs to be reclaimed and not allowed to enter storm sewer. Otherwise, the waste water can reach the rivers, lakes and streams from where you get drinking water.

Today, few companies have equipped their vehicles with vacuum systems to reclaim waste water. Be sure to ask and avoid bad press!

What kinds of chemicals are employed?

All power washers are not committed. Some of them cut corners and use inexpensive cleaning chemicals, which harm the environment. Make sure the potential fleet power washers make use of chemicals, which meet local Government standards.

Do you sub-contract?

Sub-contract enables the power washers to conveniently earn significant commission. The outsourced company provides poor standard cleaning because there is no direct control. In addition, Clean Water Act also gets risked. There is no sense in hiring a company that outsources fleet power washing task.

Do you provide guarantee?

Guarantee of customer satisfaction is necessary for vetting the fleet power washers. Many good power washers provide a clear service agreement to reimburse the payment back, if consumers are dissatisfied.

Do you carry any certification?

Even though pressure washing firms don’t need to carry certification, it is an exceptional sign of competence. Dedicated companies follow industry trend. They offer education to their staff, regularly.

Asking these questions, you will certainly discover professional and reliable fleet power washers.

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