Benefits of Studying a Master’s and Doctorate Degree Concurrently

The focus of many people is earning a single advanced degree in its own time, but are you aware of the advantages of pursuing a Doctorate and Master’s degrees concurrently? If your ultimate career objective is to get a doctorate, you are aware that you should complete your undergraduate degree then acquire your Master’s traditionally and before enrolling in a Doctorate program. Obtaining a doctorate has high prospects that pay off. However, it might consume lots of time.  For people eager to save on quantity of time taken to complete advanced programs, there are several concurrent programs to meet their needs. Keep reading to discover how pursuing Master’s and Doctorate programs simultaneously is really a benefit.

 What Are Concurrent Degrees and How Do These Programs Work?

If already in employment, completing Master’s degree coursework can be a daunting challenge especially when studying for your doctorate and also completing this coursework at a single time is overwhelming. It does not mean that you will be doing double the work at a single time when doing concurrent degree programs. Colleges have developed a unique structure that caters for even busy schedules because they understand that graduate work is already challenging enough to have.

Simultaneous degrees come in several forms. Students might prefer pursuing a Master’s in two distinct areas, an MBA with a Master’s degree, doctoral degree with a Master’s or Master’s with a professional degree in an area of specialization. Dependent on your liking, in case you like pursuing a doctoral degree with a Master’s, it’s prudent to sign up at an institution that allows you to undertake your doctoral program and finish Master’s coursework concurrently. In this set-up, you get the Master’s award first and later the doctoral after application of the applicable credits takes effect and completion of the remaining coursework.

What Are the Advantages of Concurrent Degrees?

Earning degrees from the University of Phoenix at the same time reduces the time taken to obtaining your doctoral degree and master’s degree, therefore, you can obtain other qualifications in the discipline.  Additionally, one course can find its application to the prerequisites for both the degrees since you study courses in both programs at the same time. Earning both degrees reduces the time taken before one lands an affluent role in the field of major.

 Moreover, concurrently studying degrees gives you the option to diversify your learning and focus on your specialty with no wish of taking a break. It is Interdisciplinary learning which is renowned for effectiveness in helping learners to master disciplines while completing graduate study through secure applications of lessons in one program to the other.

Do not neglect the value in selecting a program of regional or national accreditation in your search for a dual master and doctorate program. After finding the dual degree programs, verify current certification through browsing the University or college in the data on Postsecondary institutions that are accredited, Programs and after that start earning your Master’s and Doctorate degrees immediately.

 You make Real Industry Impact

A professional doctoral degree program from the University of Phoenix prepares you to affect and metamorphose, your field of choice through the routine postgraduate studies of taking current industry concepts or problems, undertaking research and making recommendations of solutions or proposals making economic and social impacts.

You Can Qualify for Top-Level Positions

A great doctoral degree student is often someone with a strong foundation in their field or career and likely already a manager or a decision maker seeking to develop or refine their skills to advance into top decision-making levels.

 An intensive professional doctoral program pushes your borders, teaches you to think through and prepares you to solve complex problems which you can easily apply directly to your industry.

You’ll Demonstrate Your Higher-Level Skills

Obtaining a doctoral degree proves you evident mastery of superior skills in research, analysis, and writing. Today, most disciplines demand leading professionals to master these advanced abilities.

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