Best Promotional Items for Your Business

Best Promotional Items for Your Business

When putting together a goodie bag of promotional items, you have a whole host of options available to you. Liverpool is home to many amazing businesses all vying for the attention of their customers and you want to be able to stand out. Small promotional items here and there are fantastic for increasing brand recognition. Here are some of the best items you can choose to create a promotional good!



Pop sockets are the small, pop-out circles which stick to the back of a phone and make it easy to grip. They are the latest fashionable accessory which everyone is including in their merchandise so make sure you don’t miss out!


An oldie but goodie; there is a wide variety of pens available for you to stamp with your logo. From the humble ballpoint through to wacky highlighters or fancy pen-and-torch combos, the opportunities are endless. People are always needing a pen for one thing or another and they tend to look at branded pens when they are handed over. This provides you with the perfect window of opportunity in which someone might decide to chase up your business based on the logo on the pen.


One of the best and most well-loved items in promotional merchandise is the t-shirt. T-shirts are great as they can be worn by both staff and customers alike depending on the situation. They can also be customised with any logo or promotional message you need. It is very easy to find good t-shirt printing in Liverpool at an affordable price so it is entirely feasible for you to swap out your staff’s t-shirts for big events or holidays; whenever you need to!


Power Banks

Another necessity in the modern world, a power bank is a portable charger that, when full, has enough juice in it to recharge your phone fully and keep you connected to the digital world. These handy little devices are quickly becoming the lifeline for many busy people who don’t have time to sit by a plug socket and wait for some juice to get back into their phone.

As a merchandise option, they can not only be printed with your logo but also shaped in various ways and available in all sorts of colours. They are a great way for you to apply your branding to a modern product everyone can use.


For something a little more fun, there is a whole host of different gadgets on the market which can all be personalised with your branding. From drones to light boxes to speakers, if you can think of a product then there will be someone out there who can apply your logo to it.

Promotional items such as these are terrific for trade shows or anywhere where you are trying to achieve brand recognition with some show-stopper pieces. If you are looking to create an impact, either with one of these items or with something more conventional like a mouse mat, you should definitely look to see how promotional branding can boost your business today.

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