Bumper to Bumper Warranty- Do Pre-Owned Cars Have Full Warranties For The Buyer?

Bumper to Bumper Warranty- Do Pre-Owned Cars Have Full Warranties For The Buyer?

When you go shopping a new motor car of your choice in the market, comparing the coverage of different warranties various manufacturers offer their clients can be confusing. They provide such insurances to safeguard you from having to burn your pockets to bear the expenses of any manufacturing defects. Even car dealers go the extend of offering their customers additional warranty coverage in the form of ‘’quality assurance’’. It is important for you to take your time and carefully analyze the type of assurance these car makers offer when you purchase their vehicles. However, all of them generally provide you with a bumper-to-bumper warranty regardless of whether you purchase one of their latest models or certified previously-used car.

American Federal Auto is family-operated limited liability company in Summerville, SC that specializes in selling of top quality previously-owned vehicles of various models to the public. The proficient mechanics and engineers of this corporate enterprise make it a point to thoroughly inspect, service and restore every car in their inventory before offering it for sale. For the convenience of their clients these professionals even go to the extent certifying that these automobiles are in good working condition. This the reason why this company is the first-choice among consumers looking to buy high-quality previously-owned vehicles at reasonable prices.

What is a bumper-to-bumper warranty?

The automobile professionals of this company say all car manufacturers offer their clients a bumper-to-bumper warranty when you purchase any model of the vehicles they offer for sale to the public. This type of insurance covers all the parts of the car that you use as a driver and the people accompanying you as passengers. This implies that while using your vehicle if any of the non-engine sections malfunction within the period of this guarantee, the new components and the services charges are free of cost. These parts normally include fuel mechanism, brakes, headlights, dash lights, air conditioning apparatus, music system, power steering and sensors. Some auto manufacturers may even go a step further also include miscellaneous items like the seat belts, batteries and airbags.

Parts of your vehicle a bumper-to-bumper warranty does not include?

These experts go on to explain that this type of car warranty does not include every component within the vehicle you buy. Certain parts like brake pads, windscreen wipes, tires, the bulbs for the light system, body panels and the filters that regulate the oil or fuel mechanisms do not fall under its coverage. Even the glass the manufacturers use for the windows or windscreen of your car or the paintwork are not within its preview. This is because the design of such components are such that they have a short lifespan and need permanent replacement in case of any negligence on your part while driving your new car. In additional to this, you have to understand that normal repairs and maintenance cost of your car to ensure it functions properly comes out of your pocket.

The automobile professionals of American Federal Auto say it important for you to read the warranty document thoroughly when you go shopping for a new automobile of your choice. You need to remember that this is an essential element of acquiring a new vehicle that you cannot ignore.

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