Crowdfunding for acid attack victims

Crowdfunding for acid attack victims

In spite of repeated legislature, movements and deputations and serious NGO work, violence against women remains a bleak reality in India. One in three women are likely to experience physical violence in India and one in ten women are likely to experience sexual violence. Domestic abuse and sexual harassment at the workplace are rampant while workplaces still try to grapple with the idea of gender sensitization. The very idea that clothes are not responsible for rapes is novel to very many people in our society. Female infanticide is still practiced quite widely and despite the outlawing of dowry, very little progress has been made. It is of no surprise then that in this patriarchal society acid attacks are common against women too.

Acid attacks involve throwing acid on a person in order to cause them harm because the perpetrator believes that the concerned person should be punished. The rampant sale of acid and easy accessibility to it has made women and queer people particularly prone to acid attacks. Acid attacks can be fatal, can result in impairment and disability, and it can create serious setbacks in life. The affects on physical and mental health are huge and the trauma generated involves a lifetime of fees in therapy. Therefore, caring for acid attack survivors is difficult. Acid attack survivors need an all round way of funding their treatment. They also need to establish themselves in a life which has changed drastically. Finding safe housing and employment for acid attack survivors can be a time consuming process as so much of their life changes after the attack. Recovery and rehabilitation are the two steps that acid attack survivors should go through. Both of these steps need money with which crowdfunding India can help.

Very notably, acid attack survivors occupy the intersectional space between medical and NGO fundraising. Therefore, crowdfunding sites in India which are experts in this kind of work can help acid attack survivors a lot. The first step of medical recovery needs to be initiated by the family of the survivor. They need to set up a fundraiser in any crowdfunding website of their choice. Setting up fundraisers take very little time.  Once the crowdfunding for medical care has been done, the crowdfunding platform will release the money immediately. When medical recovery has been made, rehabilitation has to be started. This will involve providing the victim with psychological care and support.

When it comes to rehabilitation, lots of NGOs do great work. But medical and NGO crowdfunding can link themselves together in such cases. One of the main purposes of crowdfunding is to make sure that a community of people who take an interest in the matter is made. This community can, after medical recovery also get in touch with NGOs and various other employment generators. Basically the idea becomes to create a group of people who can donate, provide support and find work for the survivor. Other than this NGOs which want to work with victims of acid attacks can also crowdfund medical, psychological and legal assistance.

Crowdfunding is risk free and low investment. It is also non-exploitative if the correct crowdfunding site is chosen. All of this leads me to suggest that all people who have experienced violence and trauma should take to crowdfunding for its management.

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