Is your data safe on iSeries cloud?

Is your data safe on iSeries cloud?

Before I answer this question, let me give you a few examples of businesses or service providers who support cloud technologies. Netflix, Xerox, Etsy, Instagram, Apple, MediaMath are a few of the companies that have moved to cloud computing as a part of their IT transformation. Professionals truly believe that cloud transformation should look beyond the IT department and demonstrate an innovative strategy to expand the business. The top companies have already moved to the cloud and why don’t you think of moving to iSeries cloud?

Does someone make viruses for IBM?

I would say, cloud computing is absolutely safe and that’s why more and more businesses are migrating to the system which is cost-effective as well as safe and functional. And using iSeries is safe as there aren’t any cases of malware or threat. And nobody makes viruses for IBM! IBM iSeries cloud has amazing security features and the servers are fully protected through multiple authentications so you don’t have to worry about threats.

Whether you believe it or not, iSeries is highly secured and it’s in the market for a few decades now. If you are new to cloud computing, you can take help from experts and industry professional who will agree that iSeries is a safe place to save all your business data. It’s just impressive and the servers are encrypted.

Major business believes IBM cloud computing services

IBM is one of the biggest companies that offer cloud computing services for major businesses. They are trusted and fondly loved by major businesses who successfully save all their business transactions on this platform. IBM allows you to setup some basic security features that will improve the security of your data. If you are not aware of it, I hope this post will be helpful.

Set user access and permissions

Your customer support agents do not need access to the administrative profiles. And your administrators do not need access to sales files and documents. This clearly tells you that it is important to define the permission for each user. Especially when there are confidential documents and files, it is important to create a group and distinguish their roles and responsibilities. Every user requesting access to a particular document or file must be categorized and the superior person has to provide authority.

The cloud server allows difference access permissions to each user and it is important for the business to make use of these features to protect their data.

Scan your cloud servers for viruses

While sharing files from one network to the other, there are chances of threats and malware. It is important to scan the servers for the virus periodically. Viruses on the servers may not be detectable at a glance so it is important to create various checkpoint to avoid virus or malware attack.

Cloud servers are safe to use if you can follow a few steps to manage the security features. Check the user permissions and scan the documents before uploading it to the server which will control most of the problems.

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