The most direct ways to reach your audience

The most direct ways to reach your audience

It can be a game changer when a business has a direct line to their customers. It means they can get their message across in an undiluted way, and the customers see them as accessible and trustworthy. What’s more, the level of interactive communication increases, making conversions more likely.

However, identifying the best direct route to your customers isn’t always easy. The best forms of direct marketing might not always provide the clearest route to your target market. It’s important to run a campaign that specifically attracts the demographic that makes up the majority of your customer base.

Below are a few ways companies are using direct marketing to make that connection with new and existing customers in a way that buildsa brand’s reputation and increases revenue.

The landscape is changing

Many of the traditional ways of performing direct marketing, such as direct mail and trade shows, are becoming less popular. This is largely because digital solutions give companies a greater potential reach for a smaller cost. Technology and the Internet has revolutionised direct marketing. The average consumer is far more likely to turn to the Internet first for information, entertainment, reviews, shopping, and communication.

Along with the digital landscape, is an obsession with all things tech. Whether it’s the newest phone or tablet; technology has become such a big part of modern life that the interest around all thing’s tech is far greater than ever before.

If you’re selling a remote service or a product that you ship internationally, online promotions can also easily overcome geographical barriers. Every modern business that wants to prosper in the years to come must include the Internet in their marketing plan. Ensuring you have a healthy and representative web presence, making catalogues available through your website, and using e-mail marketing are cost effective ways to reach a wider audience.

Don’t underestimate the physical

This shift to digital hasn’t diminished all things physical. In fact, in some instances it has achieved quite the opposite. With more things shifting to digital, a well-planned and executed physical promotion can be even more effective. The best forms of direct marketing allow your company to remain in the customer’s mind long after the campaign has finished.

In order to successfully achieve this, a company needs to add value to their marketing efforts. If they can add value in a way that is relevant to their customers, even better. Some companies create instructional videos or provide incentives for their heaviest users or biggest customers. Others use an appropriate promotional tool to ensure they stay at the front of their customer’s mind.

If your customers are tech savvy, then selecting the best promotional product can add massive value for them. Something like a branded USB from, which will not only be useful, but can also be preloaded with a variety of information and tools, such as a game, product information, quizzes, or tools. The best promotional item for your customers will depend on the profile of your ideal customer, but a little thought can go a long way.

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