Email Marketing and Social Media – Why You Need Both  

Email Marketing and Social Media – Why You Need Both  

If you’re in need of conveying a message to an audience then you need the right tools. Email marketing and social media are essential in the current market. Whether you’re in business, the charity sector, or a community group, you need to know how to sell your message.

Email marketing and social media. Why do you need both? If you leave home or socialize any amount, then it should be clear. Everyone is on social media, and most people get emails directly to their phone. Those who don’t are checking them on a desktop at least once or twice a day.

Studies show that the most effective method of marketing is word of mouth. But because society today relies on technology so much, and most of our work gravitates around it, direct emails have just about the same level of influence. The key is to have the right email newsletter software.

Around 91% of consumers get emails directly to their smartphones as well as use social media apps on there. That number is astounding. Use that to your advantage. Your message can be tailored to speak to them directly, draw them in, and break it down for them.

The right email newsletter software can help tailor your message. Experts who develop this kind of software know those goldilocks ratios. How do the photos go with the amount of size and visa versa?

Better yet, the right email newsletter software lets you keep track of how many subscribers you have, how many have opened the email newsletters you sent, and how many subscribers clicked through to your website. It lets you know what you’re doing right, and where your message isn’t so strong. These are the type of tools that marketing executives from before the information age could only dream of.

Email newsletters are only one link in the chain, however. After you perfectly frame your message, send it to your subscribers, and get them to click through to invest in what your business or group is about, there needs to be a platform waiting for them. It gets a bit more complicated there because your subscribers are on a variety of different platforms. Ones you’ve probably heard of: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Youtube.

It’s crucial to have your message available on a variety of different social media platforms. Email newsletters and social media need to come as a full package. It all starts with the right email newsletter software.

Presentation is everything, and the right email newsletter software will enable you to present your message in the most appealing manner. It will also present you with the viewers and stats you need to be effective.

Add personality into your newsletters. Reach out and speak to your subscribers individually. The marketing environment today gives you the tools to succeed. Investing in the right email newsletter software will let you meet your goals. It will let you spread your message to whichever platform your subscriber might be using.

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