The Essential Reasons Why Your Business Could Benefit from a Mobile Security Patrol Service

The Essential Reasons Why Your Business Could Benefit from a Mobile Security Patrol Service

Security has always been a big issue, not just for residential properties, but also (and perhaps more importantly) for business premises. Business premises and properties tend to have physical assets which need protection, and if your business operates at different hours or is left vacant during the night, you may be thinking about enhancing the security of your premises and everyone inside your compound or property.

Of course, for security, you can always hire a static security guard – someone who can stay within your property and guard it at all hours. But you have another option if you need security only at certain periods or times of day: a mobile security patrol. With a mobile security patrol service, your property can be kept secure during a specific time, and the patrol is responsible for checking various parts of your business premises. But there’s more to a mobile security patrol service than you may think. Here are the essential reasons why your business could well benefit from a mobile security patrol service.

It’s more economical than a static security guard

If you only need to have your property patrolled at certain hours, then a mobile security patrol may be just the solution. Unlike a static security guard service where a guard is at your property at all times, a mobile security patrol will make sure to patrol and go around your property at a specific time or day or night. You can save more money this way as the patrol doesn’t have to be available at all hours if you don’t need it.

It’s a flexible service

With a mobile security patrol, you can have a more flexible service, as confirmed by experts in security in Oxford from Securipol Ltd. This means choosing the period when you want your property patrolled and selecting the tasks which the mobile security patrol need to accomplish while they are at your property. For instance, you could direct the patrol to observe a specific area or check if windows and doors are properly locked, or you could have them go round your premises and perform a check of the whole structure and property. You can even choose whether you want a wholly visible patrol or one which is covert – the choice of tasks and responsibilities is up to you.

Another benefit of mobile security patrols is this: while you can always choose to have a specific time when the patrol will roam around your premises, you can also choose a random time. This is a benefit if you don’t want intruders or criminal elements to identify a routine. If you select a mobile security patrol service to patrol your area at random times, intruders will not be able to establish a routine which they can use to their advantage if they attempt a break-in.

Other value-added services

As mentioned, mobile security patrols can check your property at different times and make sure everything is secure. But they can do more than this as well – they can perform a locking and unlocking service, they can try to detect any issues beforehand, they can inspect vacant premises, they can escort your staff (especially at night), and a lot more.

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