How to Get Attention for Your New Product

How to Get Attention for Your New Product


One of the most significant challenges in launching a new product is getting people to notice it. It involves spending money on promotional efforts, and it also requires a lot of thinking, research, and planning, especially in a highly competitive market. With not enough time and resources, it’s important to take the correct steps to make your product known. Fortunately, there are smart ways of marketing your product to get some traction before spending large amounts of money on advertising.

Go social

If you already have an existing fan base on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it’s much easier to promote your product on social media by posting about it. If it’s your first time, don’t fret. Do the same thing anyway, and try to get followers on Twitter and Instagram by using hashtags cleverly. For example, if your product is bread, take a great photo of it, post it on Instagram with a short description of why it’s good, and use the hashtag #bread. Then add related hashtags like #breakfast or even #carbs—these hashtags will get you a few new followers every time.

Offline, attend industry events and network with others. It is in these places where you will find some really helpful people like vendors, marketers, and influencers.

Revisit your business card

If your business card has your contact details, you’ve completed half the task. The other half is making it work for your product. When you go to events, you want your business card to be memorable, or at least informative, so that it doesn’t end up in a forgotten pile of other business cards. Give it a unique shape, a scent, or make it functional, and make sure to mention your product briefly on one of the sides.

Offer free trials

One of the best ways to show that your product is worth buying is to prove it. It’s hard to convince a customer to buy something he or she just heard of, but very few can resist free stuff. Provide free samples in return for sharing on Facebook, or drum up hype by offering limited-time free access to your software. An excellent product tends to market itself via word of mouth, and if you believe your product is that good, this exercise should bring a lot of attention to it.

Package cleverly

Sometimes, getting noticed requires you to be unique. Pique the interest of the customer using edgy, intricate, or unusual packaging design. If competitors use a square box, package yours in a different polygon, and use colours that don’t blend into the rest of the shelf. Experiment with the design by bringing it to an actual store and having it sit on a shelf next to competitor products, seeing if it stands out, then recalibrating as necessary until you find the perfect design.

Reciprocate with customers

Once you successfully acquire even just a handful of customers, engage with them. Find their posts on Twitter or Instagram, and thank them for having faith in your product. It will not only make you look appreciative but also genuine.

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