Google’s Page Ranking Algorithms

Google’s Page Ranking Algorithms

Google is the biggest search engine on the planet with over 3.5 Billion search queries processed each day. Have you ever made a query on Google and not got the result you wanted? Well no one ever has. Google is known for providing genuine results which match your search query, ever wondered how Google is able to achieve this? Most of you would’ve heard about a term called Algorithm.

Algorithm is the process or set of rules followed by a computer for solving problems or making calculations. They are a set of rules which are followed to carry out a task. Google uses two such Algorithms namely Penguin and Panda. They serve the purpose to protect its users from spammed, low-quality search results full of Ads.

How Penguin and Panda Work?

  • Panda focuses on specific sections of a website, rather than single web page.
  • Penguin looks for the date or age of the web pages as a standard for quality control.

Panda algorithm’s prime function is to discourage and eventually ignore the websites that follow Black Hat techniques and are designed to try and fool the system. First released in 2011, Panda affected sites with low quality and content which was thin. With this Google can distinguish between high and low ranking WebPages.

Penguin functions to devaluate websites who use fake links to gain preference in the search results. First launched in April 2012, Penguin affected websites who did not follow Guidelines given by Google. Some called it Google’s dictatorship as it affected the direct traffic to the websites. But it has proven to be in the welfare of the users.

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