A Guide for Brainstorming to Corporate Expression

A Guide for Brainstorming to Corporate Expression

Brainstorming is a way of breaking out of the box. The use of an interactive whiteboard is becoming outdated while idea walls, writing walls and graffiti walls are becoming a more common feature in the corporate design scheme, especially for those in matrix management organisations. When you look at any forward-thinking corporation, you will find that they have writing walls for a variety of reasons across their working space. Meeting rooms will often have these walls from floor to ceiling while social spaces invite employees and visitors to add their own mark or message.

The Function

A functional wall is not a new concept. Whiteboards have been a standard in many conference rooms for many years with the fashion industry transforms mood walls with textures and colours. There are also massive calendars which can be used to schedule busy event teams. While there is a digital solution to all of these, there are times when a visual stimulus plastered on the surrounding walls can be irreplaceable.


When you want your workforce to embrace their freedom of expression, you need to make the tools openly available. Your employees will be at their most creative when they are able to choose the work methods they use and have the opportunity to express themselves. A whiteboard is suited for workplaces with limited space, but the looming frame often makes employees feel that they need permission to use it. A writing wall is different and will invite and embrace inclusion as everyone who passes it feels that they can use it.


Creativity thrives in environments that are more structured chaos and this is something that a writing wall can provide. The writing wall appeals to the anarchist that is in everyone as we have all been told as children to not draw on the walls. This creates an ingrained sense of the forbidden and that is often what allows creative thoughts to be unleashed. Creative problem solving is also a great way to get the competitive edge that all businesses try to achieve.


All institutes and businesses are looking to be innovative, but many of them will deny the importance of creativity in this. However, it is important to note that one relies on the other as creativity is the process used to generate new ideas and innovation. Innovation is simply the application of the creative ideas. This is why you need to think about innovation as applied creativity and create an environment that promotes this.


Idea and writing walls are more than a simple platform for new business ideas. They also help in the building of a work environment that makes employees feel enriched and empowered. When you have writing walls scattered across different areas of your workspace, you offer your employees ownership of the space. When workers are encouraged to graffiti for fun, they make their own mark and will start to feel as though they are part of a team.


Writing walls are not the only wall function that breaks out of their frame. There is also a trend of direct application to the walls for office artwork as well. There are many large firms that have commissioned office murals to create a relaxed and creative atmosphere or to link to their corporate branding. Of course, this does not come cheap and if you have a smaller budget you can use wall graphics to help you achieve the same effect.


What is actually involved in the creation of an idea wall? While using specialized white paint will be common and practice, a clear dry erase paint also opens up a range of possibilities. You could also break from the wall mode completely and have a dry erase glass partition. If you want to further increase the functionality of the wall, you can make them magnetic as well as writable. There are many high-quality products on the market that can help you create a work environment that fosters creativity.

Creative ideas and innovation can come from anyone who visits your business. Each person has their own perspectives and concepts that could help your business. When you use writing walls, you can create platforms for these ideas to be found.

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