How To Close Jewellery Sale Using Customer Profiling?

How To Close Jewellery Sale Using Customer Profiling?

 Jewellers need to undergo an in-depth jewellery knowledge and sales training program. For marketing it is necessary to know about how to close jewellery sale using customer profiling. For this, you will need to define your ideal customer.

Gather information

A sales person needs to ask focused questions and interpret customer’s response for effective customer profiling. You can start by asking the customer whether they are buying a gift or making self-purchase.

  • Is jewellery purchase for special occasion?
  • Are there preferences like colours, styles, designs, gems and more?
  • What is the recipients’ lifestyle and taste?
  • What kind of jewellery does he/she already have?
  • How often will the jewellery be worn?

Gaining answers to these questions will prepare you to make suggestions. However, it is necessary not to make them feel like they are in a police station and being interrogated. Make sure that it is phrased in a conversational manner.

For example, if the guy says he desires a pearl pendant for his fiancé then the appropriate reply has to be, “Great, have you thought of a specific pearl shape or style, which will look good on her.”

Listen patiently

Listen clearly to customer’s answers and responses. Take note of vocal tones and body language. Maintain eye contact, nod and smile in agreement at proper points. This lets the customer know that you are paying attention.

You can occasionally reveal, ‘Oh’, ‘I see’, ‘tell me more’, or ‘that’s interesting’. You can jot main facts customers said on a notepad. When you speak, restate the customer’s sentence in your own way to highlight any concerns or feeling they expressed.

Thus, customer profiling allows you to steer the sales process further by offering right solutions, so as to fulfil their specific needs.

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