Ideal Bespoke Clothing and Accessories For You

Ideal Bespoke Clothing and Accessories For You

It was during the Met Gala in 2015 where Charlotte Stockdale blew everyone away with her awe-inspiring Savile Row tailor Huntsman outfit. It was one of a kind since it had the men’s style down to a tee. It was something the stylist had envisioned and put together after becoming a renowned fashion entrepreneur.

There are others who have taken advantage of such options including the likes of Katharine Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Nicole Kidman, and even Daphne Guinness. It is all about illustrating a sense of self-worth and power that exudes confidence from top to bottom. Suits have started to become a prominent feature on the runway as models look to make use of the bespoke attire. It is something that is easy to personalise and dress with high-quality accessories. The beauty of bespoke suits is the attention to detail and how everything is form-fitted for your needs. It is something you are never able to ignore.

Customised for Women

Huntsman has become the leading tailor worldwide when it comes to women’s bespoke suits. It is the ultimate London-based option that has grown over the years and set itself up as the best in the business. It all starts with the use of a specialised cutter at the main store in London or in New York. This is where the selections are made for your fabric, size, and colour. In general, this comes out to be around $7,400 depending on what you are getting. The process takes at least three fittings to get spot on before it is all put together in the end.

For those in Paris, the main store comes in the form of Cifonelli as it has been well-regarded as the top men’s tailor in the nation. It is set up on the Rue Marbeuf and has been around for generations since being established by Lorenzo Cifonelli and Massimo Cifonelli. At the time, they would meet clients, take detailed measurements, and then build the neat patterns in-house. The same processes are still maintained to this day.

When it comes to Neapolitan tailoring, it is all about Isala. This is the ultimate men’s suits brand that also works for women. It is able to come up with a unique style that is pleasing to the eye and works worldwide. Isala has been able to make unique suits, jackets, and tuxedos that are beautifully designed and have a good price point starting at $3,925.

Leather Accessories

Another choice would be Moynat as it is a top-tier leather house that is known for creating gorgeous leather gloves. The charm of its product is the attention to detail and the three-week process before the glove is delivered. It is done for all events and is measured in detail. The same applies to its other products such as the handbag. There are various shapes, sizes, and colours to work with and this means the prices also reach between $3,000-100,000.

Asprey has also become a major name in the world of bespoke luxury hats. It is one that is able to work from Britain and build something empowering for those that want to go online. The attention to detail with customer specs is what makes it special as everything is done in-house.

If you are in the market for some bespoke gloves, Chester Jefferies gloves are made from the finest materials, carefully selected by the Master Glovemaker. Unlike the majority of gloves which are produced for today’s market, Chester Jefferies gloves are made from leather skins which are individually inspected and prepared before being cut by hand.

Customised Shoes

For personalised bespoke shoes, it is John Lobb that has been popularised as a top-tier option. This is a shop that has been around for 150 years and has considerable expertise when it comes to detailed shoe-making. It is one of the best names in the industry and uses hand-sculpts and detailed foot measurements while setting things up. This includes the use of a trial shoe before ongoing mods. Everything is done by hand and can take almost a year to complete. The starting price sits at $7,300.

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