How to Increase Your SEO with Blogging

How to Increase Your SEO with Blogging

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a great way to boost your online presence and your business. Much like Align Digital Marketing Blog, you too can take advantage of what a proper SEO campaign can do for you. Check out these tips below to optimize your website today.

Original Content

One of the main purposes of search engines is to ensure that their users have useful and relevant search results. Every step they take and the algorithms they implement are built around this premise. One of the most important things you can provide for your site are articles or pieces of original content.

The term original content is far beyond blog posts and articles. It can include podcasts, photographs, videos, or even tools or plugins.

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Own Your Domain

With the help of your own domain name and hosting you can avoid the negative effect free blogs could have on your site. Any free webservice for websites will not do you or your business any favors towards your SEO efforts. Google and other search engines will use their algorithms to point towards websites that are seen as trustworthy and serious. Getting your own domain and hosting it yourself will help to boost your SEO experience.

Use Relevant Backlinks

Especially if you are a beginner with search engine optimization, it may be overwhelming to use backlinks and why they are important for your site. A backlink is defined as another website which links back to your own website from theirs.

Be wary that not all backlinks are up to search engine standards. There are a few things that website owners need to know when it comes to backlinks.

Don’t buy them

  • Google and other search engines have built into their algorithms to search for mass backlinks and irrelevant ones. Don’t waste your time or money by purchasing backlinks

The original source is important

  • The site or blog that provides your own website the backlink is important too. For example, if the domain name is well established and has a high ranking, the backlink will count for more on the search engine. One good backlink from a domain name that is an authority (.gov and .edu are great for this purpose) will provide your own site higher rankings than using hundreds of little backlinks.

Anchor text is important as well

  • Anchor text is defined as the words that are used within the link itself. In the past it used to be vital to ensure the anchor text matched the keywords you wanted use. Now, search engines are looking for the most relevant links in the users search and they choose this by the anchor text.

Optimize Your Theme

SEO is considered to have two components – the off-site things such as social media as well as backlinks, and the on-site stuff such as optimizing your themes.

With the optimization of your theme, this helps to give Google the indication that your website is fully trustworthy. Not to mention, it allows Google to find your websites content. A few things you can implement on your site include:

Mobile Responsiveness

  • Nearly everyone has a smartphone in this day and age and without mobile optimization you will be losing several potential visitors.

Clean Code

  • Be sure that you or your programmer have coded the them cleanly and with the best code possible. This will ensure that the Google spiders are searching your site to see if you have all the proper elements for a great website.

Fast Load Times

  • Making sure your website loads quickly is great for the users but also for Google. Use cache plugins to help speed your load times if you need. You don’t want your site to be known as slow in this day and age.

Whether you are new to the online world or you have an old website to revamp, make sure to use SEO to bring your site to the front page of Google. A successful SEO campaign can ensure your site attracts the visitors you need and that your business does not miss out on the market that search engines such as Google can provide.

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