Investment Will Bring Return!

Investment Will Bring Return!

Starting a business is no easy venture to undertake.  There are dangers and pitfalls around every corner, and that is why so many fail within the first three years. Despite that every business owner strives for the same thing, to maximise profits and be a success. It’s why you will find them up through the night working, it is why they may miss family occasions to attend meetings and its why the endure endless tedious networking parties.

The key to success is investment, however, a lack of capital can be a key stumbling block, especially with so many factors which can affect it.  However, freeing up some money to make the investment needed is crucial as without it businesses will struggle to grow. If there are ways to reduce expenditure, that should be investigated.  There are also small business loans which can offer a short-term fix.

Once capital is found these are the things that you should consider investing in.


Most SME’s massively underestimate the importance of design, especially graphic design, in adding value to their business.  Recent research shows that a customer, whether a B2B or B2C, will make judgements based on the logo alone.  However, it is not just important to make sure your logo is eye-catching. Business cards, branding and social media all require investment in order to stand out and be successful.


A good marketing plan should be linked closely to your design strategy and is another area which needs proper investment in order to see returns. Marketing is an all-encompassing term, however, areas such as online and lead generation are where your focus should be in 2018.  A good marketing strategy will quickly generate leads and improve your brand.  There is no shortcut with marketing, but considered investments can offer great returns.  Using a expert in the field will be costly, however, they will be able to work towards goals and keep performance indicators (KPI’s) which will allow the ability to measure success and re-invest accordingly.


Technology dominates the world around us. We wake up to technology and go to sleep to technology.  We even now have technology that will clean the house when we are not home.  It’s a fast-moving industry and businesses can always benefit from investment in the right areas.  A little research into what is out there that can improve your businesses performance or increase productivity is what is needed, and then investing accordingly.  A good example of this is a shop owner who might invest in a “chip and pin” machine to offer more options to their customers which should provide a return in the form of capital.


Every business is nothing without its staff and investing in them shows you appreciate what they bring to the company.  However, investing in staff also can provide a financial return too.  As the owner of the business you have the expertise that your staff might not have.  This can be solved by investing in training and education, which should improve their performance, customer satisfaction and ultimately increase turnover.

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