Know about the reputed personality Blake Goldring

Know about the reputed personality Blake Goldring

Mr. Goldring is the chief executive officer as well as the well-known chairman of the AGF management Ltd. He was also crowned as the president in the year 1997, as the chairman in the year 2006 and even as the chief executive officer before turning as the chairman in year 2000. Under the strong leadership and guidance of Blake, the AGF Company also grown the prime and independent company of management and holds its operation in the place like Canada, Asia, Europe and United States. He also joined as team of board of directors of the Sunnybrook health science center in the year 2010 of January month. Soon Blake Golding was appointed as the chair elect or Vice president in 2014 in March.

In the year 2015, Blake was also appointed as the chair of Board of directors. People know him as the strong member of Nominating and Governance committee and quality committee of board. Addition to the Sunnybrook, the Blake Golding also served on number of the boards which included Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the C.D Howe Institute which is the membership of Canadian council of the chief executives and world president organization, termed also as the WPO, Canadian center of Film and also the leadership council member of service alliance of Toronto Financial. He has also been past director and past vice chair of IFIC which is the investment funds institute of the Canada.

Mr Blake is presently the member of IFIC ad hoc strategic research committee. You can know him as honorary colonel for Canadian army and as the chair or founder of Canada company. he belongs to the reputed firm whose main purpose is to serve and offer charity that support all women and men around who serve in Canadian forces, as well as the families. He has done BA honors in economics in his education from Toronto University and even the master of Business administration in France from the INSEAD. Being the all-rounder, he is also the core member of Toronto society of financial analysts, the CFA charter holder and the fellow of institute of all Canadian bankers.

Business leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist

Yes, Blake is definitely the business leader, an entrepreneur and the philanthropist. Being the AFG management Limited chief executive offer, he has grown his assess in billions till the year 2015. This company is known as the independent management firm of investment that serves all institutional and retail investors since the year 1957. He is having a tie up with one more non-partisan organization called many ways to serve which he founded in the year 2006 for bringing together the community leaders across the whole Canada. In his personal life, Blake is second eldest of his five brothers and sisters that born to Barbara Goldring and C. Warren Goldring. He also attended the St. Andrews Junior High and the York Mills College in Toronto. For more details about him, keep following him on different social media sites.


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