Laser Engraving for Profit

Laser Engraving for Profit

One of today’s most interesting and rewarding new businesses is laser engraving. From gifts and awards to creating signs for businesses and industries, there are hundreds of articles you can engrave and make money with in your new business. Most agree that with hard work, dedication, and creative ideas, the sky’s the limit as laser engraving can easily become a highly successful business.

Offering a wide range of products

Most begin their business by offering a wide range of different products and services. This is an excellent way to determine which products may turn out to be the most popular, and which products will be the most profitable.

You can start out by offering photo engraving, frames and bottle etching. All three of these have been extremely profitable businesses for others. Or, you may want to specialize by shifting the focus on engraving wedding and event gifts and awards; or pick from some other specific type of engraving; and then watch yourself become famous for creating well-liked products in that special niche.

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When you offer a limited specialized selection, it lets you perfect the settings for certain types of material. By specializing in glass or ceramics, the results you obtain may be superior to other engravers who only do that material occasionally when needed. Practice makes perfect, as they say!

Also, when you specialize in a particular product, it allows you to become more time-efficient in engraving that product. An engraver specializing in wine glass engraving might have dozens of different glasses available to engrave at a moment’s notice so he can offer that service faster than someone else who isn’t quite as specialized.

Customization is also a service that customers are ready and willing to pay extra for. You can increase your profits by charging more to create a number of high-quality items that are truly one-of-a kind.

Finding customers

Potential clients need to see what you can do, so you must get the word out by distributing high-quality engraving and cutting examples so your work is truly appreciated. Those samples will show the detail you can go to and charge extra for in creating highly specialized articles that will be loved and admired by prospects. Send out letters of introduction, make special offers and distribute samples to the right company decision makers in your target market. This will establish your image and get you repeat customers.


Strong personal relationships can also be a wonderful foundation for your new business. By networking, you spread the word quickly about your business to other business owners. Start with the nearest chamber of commerce that, by the way, could be a perfect client. Join networking groups and attend public and private functions to get the word out that you have a new and unique business they can count on for high quality laser engraving.

Tradeshows are another way to present your new business to potential customers. Set up a website, develop a flyer, do some business cards of your own, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful laser engraving business.

All it takes is hard work, creative ideas, and lots of dedication and you’ll find your new laser engraving business a growing and thriving new business for you and possibly generations to come.


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