Make a Shrewd Business Decision & Use Mobile Shredders

Make a Shrewd Business Decision & Use Mobile Shredders

Identity theft is on the rise in Toronto. As the number of victims of this particular crime grow in numbers, it’s imperative that individuals take the appropriate steps to protect the personal information they store and collect. It’s even more important for businesses in the city and the surrounding GTA address this issue, as there are federal and provincial laws enacted to ensure they collect, store, and dispose of consumers’ information properly.3

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s Annual Statistical Report for 2014, there were exactly 20,611 victims of identity theft in Canada. The reported dollar loss attributed to these thefts totaled a staggering $10,484,492. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police report that the number one method of identity theft was from fraudulent payment card transactions. The Ontario Ministry of Finance realizes this is a major issue for businesses and consumers. As a result, two important laws have been passed in an attempt to protect consumer information. PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act) and PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act) were passed to regulate the way in which information has to be disposed of, with strict penalties for any enterprise that fails to meet these standards.

Simply throwing these documents out with the trash isn’t enough to adhere to these laws. Records retaining personal information must be shredded in order to fully destroy this data, as the process makes it impossible for the paper to be reassembled and read. As a busy business in Toronto, you may not have the time or resources to ensure this gets done according to the letter of the law. That’s where Toronto shredding services come in. Document destruction services collect the confidential material and shred it using industrial equipment that meets international disposal regulations, ensuring each and every sheet is irretrievable. Some companies, like Absolute Destruction, include recycling programs for their clients. Absolute Destruction paper shredding services have saved over 11,000 trees to date while freeing up over 1,600 cubic yards in local landfills.

Since companies are held liable for theft resulting from improper destruction of documentation, it’s important that businesses throughout the city and the GTA act on these shredding services. They must enlist the help of the best shredding service Toronto has to offer if they expect to adhere to PIPEDA or PHIPA and avoid harsh penalties. It’s the only way companies can avoid contributing to the growing number of identity theft cases. In fact, with the help of these services, they can help lower these statistics for the CAFC’s next report.

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