A Modest Comparison between Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes

You could have probably seen people smoking in public places like a bus stop or train station and beside you. You would have definitely felt annoyed with the cloud of smoke and often wanted to hit the smoker straight on the face.

Electronic cigarettes also called e-cig Australia smokeless, tobacco-less cigarettes yet have the capability to satisfy the smoker’s craving. Perhaps, it is regarded as a safer and alternative way of smoking in the complete absence of tobacco which is a major factor of producing smoke. Tobacco causes addiction in smokers and over a period of time leads to a number of health diseases like lung cancer, respiratory diseases, bronchial infections and many more.

Difference between Electronic Cigarettes and Traditional Cigarettes

Manufacturers mark electronic cigarettes as a healthier substitute to traditional cigarettes which is the major reason causing too many deaths every year. E-cigs are expected to apparently reverse the decline in smoking, in fact giving a new life to your old addiction. Many smokers seek the aid of e-cigarettes to quit their habit of smoking.

The key difference between electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes are, e-cigars doesn’t contain tobacco. So, they are regarded as a healthful alternative to tobacco cigarettes and other forms of nicotine intake. Therefore when it was first introduced in the market, it was well-received by those, who were looking for a safer alternative to kick their habit. Although during the initial period, the individual was less confident with the product, however, there was strong evidence that supported the smoking cessation programs with minimal health risks.

Despite the severe regulations of the FDA and the laws restricting the use of anything about e-cigarettes, the benefits of e-cigar overshadow the alleged danger. There was a research conducted by the Cancer Research Center in the United Kingdom. It was piloted on several individuals who had the habit of smoking, a combination of people who were using e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. The reports revealed the individuals who used only electronic cigarettes had a lesser amount of carcinogens in the body when compared to tobacco cigarette smokers.  Based on these facts and figures, it is evident that e-cigarettes are an ultimately safer alternative to conventional cigarettes.

But what are things to be considered when you are buying your first e-cigarettes

Factors to Consider to have Best Vaping Experience

Although vaping have been around for decades yet there are still many people who are totally new to vaping and e-cigars. So, when you are intended to choose your first e-cigarettes, there are few things to consider

  • An experience you want to attain- This is one of the crucial factors to consider when choosing your first e-cig. You can either determine whether you want a cartridge based one or refillable tanks.
  • Price of the device- Price is an important consideration when you buy. So purchase a device worth for the money and affordable for you.
  • The appearance of your first e-cigar- Choose something that looks good and fits our tastes.

Closing Thoughts

E-cigarette kits are available to purchase online. So you no longer look for a store to quench your vaping thirst!

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