Narrowing the Say-Do Gap in Leadership

Narrowing the Say-Do Gap in Leadership

You have been thinking of something to do as an entrepreneur, and yes, you really need to do it. Saying something and doing something definitely differ from each other. There is absolutely a thin line between the two that you need to break for you to find the true essence of good leadership. Such is the key to a successful organizational operation in Edmonton.

Say-Do Gap Defined

Being a fellow employee and a good leader, practicing what you preach is imperative. Act on what you are telling to your team. Your say-do gap becomes narrower the better you follow visible actions to your stated promises.

The Pessimistic Idea of Wide Say-Do Gap

Many managers practice lip service as they fail to follow whatever they say. This only irritates everyone who is in the office, affecting the credibility of the leader. Employees will not be loyal to if they cannot trust you. Typically, Edmonton’s enterprises with wide say-do gap have poor morale in the office and experience high employee turnover levels since employees may be disgruntled due to unrealized expectation mismanagement.

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Wide-Gap in Leadership Demonstrated

Enterprises get the engine of leadership change up and running, thus making the team excited. However, there seem to be no actions on this matter when it has been pushed forward. The whole team then turn disappointed in this process of the company.

Narrow-Gap in Leadership Demonstrated

In this case, managers or leaders of the company were not given an opportunity to save the company if they only had any other things than a narrow say-do gap. Such is an issue of trust in being a good leader especially when things go wrong. This then requires the aid of your team.

Rubbing Elbows with Successful and Efficient Leaders

It is advisable to communicate or get along with leaders whom you are comfortable to converse with on expense reduction over lunch or those notable for their upstanding character. Communicating with leaders may even help mould you to become the next best leader in the business realm.

Critical Assessment of Oneself

As a leader, you have to evaluate yourself. Ask yourself on the number of times you promised to do something for your team or organization as a whole. Compare this to the number of times you followed through. You are in good shape if your follow-through rate is near to a hundred percent. Be mindful of the potential impact of a follow-through rate at 80 or 50 percent to your leadership credibility. You may find this situation too difficult to surpass. Most importantly, don’t make this identify who you are as a corporate leader.

Take note that leadership comes out when you empower other staff to level-up and lead. Leaders are doing this by learning to behave authentically, become self-aware and lead them. Always reassess yourself if you are on the right track.   

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