Obtaining a Job in Kajang as a Business Development Trainee

Obtaining a Job in Kajang as a Business Development Trainee

Kajang, which is a town in the eastern section of Selangor, Malaysia, is just south of Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur. Like the other major cities within Selangor, Kajang can be accessed easily by a series of connected thoroughfares and highways.

Business Opportunities Galore

Kajang offers many interesting job opportunities for people seeking a business-oriented career, including internship positions in a variety of niche markets. Business development is also emphasised, and applicants are sought after for business development trainee positions. Entry-level positions are available throughout the region, as this field is crucial to the advancement of Malaysia as a whole. A career in the field of business development can prove to be very rewarding, as you will be pursuing company goals for the purposes of growth and expansion.

The Responsibilities of a Business Development Trainee

The role of a business development trainee is typically one that requires a marketing background. Therefore, the employee must be organised and interested in doing what is necessary to raise the brand awareness of a given company. They also must be able to conduct market research in order to identify business opportunities in their sector, particularly those that will lead to promotion and growth.

If you have business training experience and a business-related education, beginning as a trainee in business development can broaden your opportunities in this field. In order to apply for the position, an applicant should be familiarised with the job role, as well as what is expected of them when filling out an application. Many job vacancies in Kajang are available here and in the surrounding areas.

Customer Service Specialists

Business development trainees are often called upon to handle and resolve customer complaints. In addition, they are also responsible for evaluating information related to general marketing concerns. They also often perform pricing and delivery tasks, and they are responsible for verifying customer information. They are called upon to set up new customer accounts, to process orders, and to follow through on applications and enquiries.

In addition, trainees in business development are called upon to prepare and distribute customer activity reports, and to keep track of customer transactions and interactions. They record details of comments, enquiries, and complaints for future use. As a result, the ability to administrate tasks effectively is imperative in order to do the job well and to succeed.

Application Requirements

Business development trainees in Kajang are usually required to be a permanent resident of Malaysia, or at least a citizen. They should possess an SPM, a diploma, and an appropriate academic degree. It is also helpful to have a minimum of two years’ experience in a related field, especially in administration or management. The candidate should possess the potential and acumen to eventually manage a company. Therefore, new graduates are encouraged to apply for this type of role.

Benefits Associated with the Work

Employees often have to work overtime in the job, and they must be able to travel upon request. It is important that you have your own transportation when you apply for this kind of role. Companies that hire business development trainees often pay good salaries and they tend to offer a full range of benefits. These benefits may include EPF and SOCSO contribution, medical allowance, commission, annual leave, medical leave, and travel coverage.

A beginning salary for this type of position usually begins around RM2000, depending on a candidate’s business background and experience. Most applicants who apply for the job also submit a resume, a recent passport-sized photo, copies of certificates, and certified documents. Therefore, make sure you carefully read the application instructions when applying for any type of business employment.

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