Why Online Marketing? These Are The Main Advantages Of Digital Advertising

Why Online Marketing? These Are The Main Advantages Of Digital Advertising

Digital Marketing basically means every marketing actions on the Internet. They’ve got many advantages compared to its cousin “offline marketing.” Measurement, targeted alignment, budget optimization – it’s a long list!

Below Massachusetts digital marketing explains its key features;

Which Channels Are Available Digitally?

The area of “Digital Marketing” or “Online Marketing” has different channels. Here we go to the “data-driven” channels – those are those that can be measured, controlled, and optimized utilizing data.

Advantage 1: Measure Campaign Success

Measuring campaign success is undoubtedly one of the critical benefits of this advertising. The success of every digital marketing is usually measured in many angles:

In the Playout: How many people have actually seen my advertising; how many have interacted?

In engagement: How many have come to your website because of this, what have they been interested in intensively (store search, guides, products,)?

Conversions: How many visited a store, bought online, subscribed to the newsletter?

Offline – Store Visits: ROI calculation from online to stores

In fact, today, Google provides us with the measurement of store visitors after clicking on online advertising – we can thus accurately prove the ROI of the campaigns! This is currently unique for all forms of advertising.

Customer Journey & Attribution Modeling

Subsequently, we can analyze and optimize the interaction of the channels in individual customer journeys. That is, which channels at what time with what messages as well act. This makes it possible to optimize the channel and the budget mix further.

Advantage 2: Targeted targeting

Another significant advantage of all digital marketing measures offered is the possibility to be able to address the target groups in a very specific and granular way. At e-dialog, we do not just go by gender, age, and region, but we have – depending on the platform-specific possibilities to affinities (such as “home improvement,” “Green minds”) available, which we use for specific audience targeting.

Also, interactions with our own website help us to talk to interested users (remarketing) and to find and address similarly valuable, as yet unknown people with so-called “statistical twins.”

After all, we can target people who are currently in a shopping center via local targeting, for example.

Example: Targeting by weather and seasonality

There is the possibility to automatically stop or play online campaigns depending on the local climate (weather targeting). Seasonal influences and local factors (vacations, competitor opening) can also be incorporated in planning and ongoing optimization.

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