Peter Loftin and his Many Achivements

Peter Loftin and his Many Achivements

Peter Loftin is one name, instantaneously synonymous with reputation, philanthropy and of course – tremendous credentials. Today, in the course of the post, we will go on to discover just a few facets of this highly driven individual.

He is the Founder and Chairman of Business Telecom Inc

Widely known as the founder and chairman of the Board of major telecommunications enterprise – Business Telecom Inc (BTI), Loftin has consistently associated himself with charitable projects. The donations made by this man actually span various projects related to arts. In order to find out details make sure you are reading on.

One of the biggest contributions made by him was towards the development of BTI Center for Performing Arts in the City of Raleigh. This particular center actually serves as the largest venue between Washington D.C and Tampa.

Long List of Charitable Activities

What more? Another notable contribution of this person is associated with the development of North Carolina Museum of Science and the Police Athletic League. What more? His donations are not really restricted to “finance”.

Peter Loftin has actually gone on to donate his South Beach private club Casa Casuarina in Miami as a venue for several events conducted by charitable organizations. In fact, as you read further, you will actually end up realizing the fact that documenting the achievements of this man within a limited space is no less than a daunting prospect for us.

Besides his charitable activities, Peter Loftin has also served on the National Board of Governors of the American National Red Cross – just after the 9/11 tragedy. It would – in fact – not be an exaggeration to claim that there is virtually no end to Loftin’s charitable exploits. Besides all the notable achievements documented above, you should also be aware of the fact that Peter Loftin also contributes regularly to charities that actually benefit veterans.  

The Special Operations Fund features significantly in the long list of his charitable activities. This particular fund is meant to benefit children of martyrs or fallen Tier 1 soldiers.

Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, North Carolina is another notable name which deserves special mention if you are talking about Peter Loftin’s charitable feats. As a part of BTI, Peter Loftin had actually gone on to initiate a program which was largely engaged with providing people with disabilities in North Carolina rural schools free internet service. The State Disability Association actually went on to acknowledge his noble efforts and conferred the Corporate Citizen of the Year title as a consequence.

What’s more? It’s actually amazing to believe that he was barely in his twenties when he actually went on to establish Coats for Kids – a program designed to provide coats to underprivileged kids during the winters.

Inspiration Much!

Last but not the least – we cannot really stop reiterating the fact that Peter Loftin’s credentials and contribution to the society cannot really be restricted within a single document. We only hope that this man will continue to inspire us with his body of work in the near future as well.

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