Prevention and Protection of Items Against House Fires.

Prevention and Protection of Items Against House Fires.

 House fires are very common, especially in the kitchen. Sadly, your home is seen as a personal space for yourself, so if it was to catch fire, many personal belongings and important documents are at high risk of being destroyed. But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to protect and prepare for if a fire was to ever happen in your home. It’s better to be prepared than to risk it!

Minimise Use of Open Flames.

Candles are up there with one of the top five starters in UK homes. Figures show that around 25 home candle fires are reported each day. You can minimize this by making sure the candle is in an area where it is very secure, not near any flammable materials and that when lit, you do not leave it alone or near children or pets. This goes for all open flames (yes, even fireplaces). If you smoke, make sure to either smoke outside, or never throw the butt on the floor and make sure it has gone out before you put it in the ashtray.

To Protect Your Belongings.

Invest in some fireproof house safes. Dependant on which you get, they can withstand a lot of heat before any significant damage can be done. Make sure that you keep all your important things within the safe and if in the event of a fire, do not attempt to retrieve it.

When buying fabric or any household furniture or decorations, always go for fire resistant furniture. This doesn’t mean it won’t set on fire but these items will be able to withstand a higher temperature. This is useful if you drop a warm object, or leave something heating up. This gives you a couple more seconds to retrieve it before disaster falls. Remember, you’ll only have a couple more seconds so always make sure to be careful with hot objects.

Turn everything off after use. Cables and other electrical appliances can easily overheat which can cause combustion. The main fire starter with this would be leaving phones on charge overnight while you sleep as the battery can combust or the phone will overheat. With the increase use in smartphones; comes the increase in house fires. Another issue with this is not checking your appliances. If an appliance is faulty, it can result in many different horrors such as flooding, electrocution, fires and explosions. It is essential that you check your appliances at leave every month or so!


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