Professional Live Answering Services: How Does it Work?

Professional Live Answering Services: How Does it Work?

When a toothache awakens you at 3 in the morning, you want someone to help you relieve the pain. When you have problems setting up your personal computer, you want to talk to someone who knows how to do it. And when your marketing strategy for your business has calls poured in, you want every caller to get all the information they needed.

In all of these situations, the best solution is to get the services of answering services. When you are using answering services, you can call dentists, doctors, or technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An electronic company’s call center can give you the support that you needed when you encounter a problem with your computer.

You can make sure that all the people calling your company will receive the information that they needed even if you are not available to receive the call, and they can reach you when talking to you is badly needed. With online quality answering services, you can receive messages on your mobile phones whether you are on vacation, at work, or home with your family.

A lot of industries rely on live answering services

Professionals like doctors and dentists work a 9 to 5 job, but they still need to be available in case of emergencies or when their patients need them. Contractors, electricians, technicians, plumbers, and other field workers need to know schedule changes and other job additions.

Sales representatives don’t want to miss leads that may turn into possible sales, and they don’t want to be interrupted when they are in a meeting with a client. Solo entrepreneurs and small businesses need professional communication personnel for their off-site or virtual offices.

Large companies need to call centers to make sure that every product order is met and explain how the products are used. Insurance companies and other service organizations, need personnel to handle inquiries about their services, premiums, deadlines as well as coverage limits.

Answering service types

The idea behind these answering services is not new. An individual or a company hires specialized services to screen and take calls; provide valuable information to callers, and pass on messages, take orders, schedule necessary appointments, and provide services and product support. While phone answering services have been around for many years, its equipment and capabilities are still evolving as technology advances and the demand for business changes.

Live answering services usually fit into the following categories, but service providers sometimes offer services from various categories:

Online answering services

Automated answering

Live to answer

Call center

Automated answering allows the callers to leave a voice message an obtain essential information based on the services’ response. Automated system works well with consumers who are looking for general information. It is also a lot cheaper compared to live answering services.

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But the system lacks the personal touch and the flexibility that live answering can provide. On the other hand, live answering services give callers an opportunity to talk with someone from the company that can help them with their needs instead of communicating with an automated service.

The agent can decide whether the call is just an inquiry or an urgent call that should be sent through immediately. Callers sometimes are not aware that they have been redirected to an answering service. For solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and telecommuters, a live answering service can provide their businesses with a more professional look and quality service.

Answering service providers

Whether you are developing a risk reduction plan for a big company or field-work related messages while you are on vacation or a business trip, there is a possibility that there’s an answering service provider available to meet your needs.

You will find that while most companies provide a wider variety of answering services like online answering services, there are also different types of specialized answering services for specific industries. These organizations or companies reflect a small portion of the service providers available.

ATSI or the Association of Teleservices International, a trade organization that monitors and regulates international Teleservice providers, can provide listings through their Connection magazine. They recommend that you have to check out the service provider carefully before you sign any contract with them.

You can check the provider’s status on ATSI’s “Find a Member” tab on their website and see companies that are affiliated with them. Also, make sure to check with the BBB or the Better Business Bureau for any unresolved problems and complaints against the said company.

It is best to hire the company with a good track record with low operator turnover. You can also ask the names of customers that are satisfied with their services and contact them to know about their experiences using the facilities. The point is since we are in a digital age, scams and low-quality services are all over the place. You need to make sure that you do your due diligence and research everything before using the facilities.

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