Refrigeration Hire – Simple, Convenient and Cost Effective

Refrigeration Hire – Simple, Convenient and Cost Effective

Do you wish that you had more refrigeration space?

Is your freezer capacity inadequate to requirements which means that you make repeated visits to suppliers just to keep up with demand?

Would you like to make your life simpler by having additional refrigeration facilities but your business premises would burst at the seams if you tried to fit anything in to the kitchen space?

Don’t worry, there is a solution. It’s cost effective, flexible and you won’t have to knock any walls down to accommodate equipment.

Top rated walk in freezers and walk in fridge hire is available from industry leaders like Icecool Trailers in Berkshire. They cover London, the Home Counties, the Thames Valley, Berkshire, South Wales and the Midlands.

Alongside other hire firms they can make your days run more smoothly by providing resources that can be positioned outside the business premises, by a kitchen, in a garage, in the car park if necessary.

This means that you can hold more stock and serve greater numbers of clients without impacting on the kitchen space or its efficiency.


Another aspect to consider, what happens when your fridge or freezer stages a rather untimely breakdown? You have two options in a crisis:

  1. Panic and let the stock warm up and ruin. Loss of revenue, loss of stock. Loss of reliability. You’ll probably issue a few choice words in frustration.
  2. Pick up the phone, call walk in freezer and refrigeration hire specialists and have emergency facilities delivered as soon as the firm can get to you which is normally within a few hours.
    Whilst an engineer may sound like the best choice you can’t be sure that they won’t tell you that you need parts or a new fridge or freezer, meanwhile, your stock is becoming unusable.
    For maximum convenience seek to hire the walk-in fridge or walk in freezer and then an engineer to resolve the issue with the faulty equipment.

Refrigeration hire units and walk in freezers are available in multiple sizes and capacities including 2.4m and 3m, they can be run from mains or generator and the hire firm will deliver and install the facilities so that you can get on with your demanding work schedule unhindered.

Hire periods can be for as long a time as necessary and if that constitutes a few weeks or months the refrigeration hire and walk in freezer rental firms are happy to oblige.

A feature of walk in fridges is that they are large enough to allow staff to work in them without breaking any health and safety rules so if you’re lacking in work areas, maybe with extra staff for a large function, this can help you enormously.

Don’t struggle for space or turn business away. Use highly competitively priced and easy to arrange walk in fridge and walk in freezer hire to perform at the highest levels when you’re at your busiest or expanding operations.

Give a refrigeration hire firm a call today.

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