Should You Use Pardot?

Should You Use Pardot?

Pardot is an effective automation solution in B2B marketing, which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years due to the system producing particularly impressive results. Now, whether you are thinking about switching over to Pardot from another automation service that did not work out as well as you expected it to, or just planning to dip your toes into the world of automated marketing for the first time, the question remains the same: why should you use Pardot?

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In order to understand whether you have anything to gain from investing in this marketing automation solution, go through the following and see if they apply to your business and situation. In case they do, you will have your answer.

Do You Wish Your Marketing Content was Better Utilized?

Even when you have the marketing content you need, proper distribution and promotion is key to the success of that content, which is exactly what Pardot brings to the table.

Does Your Current CRM System Feel Incomplete?

Do you wish that your current CRM had features such as lead scoring, lead qualification, segmentation, and basic automation? If you do, then you will find all that much more in Pardot.

Can Your Marketing and Sales Team Be More Cooperative and Effective for Each Other?

The chances are that some of the leads that your marketing is sending towards your sales team are causing conflicts between them because they did not convert.

The marketing department feels like the sales team wasted a good lead, while the sales team feels like they wasted their time on a bad one. Pardot automation eliminates such conflicts by taking care of the following.

  • The process of lead generation and handling becomes easier and more transparent for both departments
  • Pardot scores and qualifies good leads automatically for the marketing team to then pass on to the sales team

Is the Amount of Manual Marketing Interaction Overwhelming?

It can be a nightmare to have to manually handle all aspects of marketing such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, etc., on a daily basis. Pardot offers an easy solution by automating most of these mundane processes, minimizing the human interaction required for menial tasks.

Do You Feel that Your Marketing Efforts Often Come Up Short by Just a Few Steps?

After putting in a significant amount of effort and knowing that everything is where it should be for the lead to convert into a sale, the lead just doesn’t convert and sometimes, the potential customer is actually stolen away by the competition, before you even know what’s happening!

This is where Pardot comes in and turns that scenario in your favor. The highly dependable automated marketing solution continues to convince the lead in the most effective manner until the potential client is ready to make that all-important sales decision. At which point, the sales team takes over.

This is only possible because the B2B marketing solution gathers, organizes, and compartmentalizes huge amount of relevant information about each lead, making the whole marketing and sales effort more streamlined and productive than would otherwise have been possible.

To those that have already seen Pardot being put to effect with proper expertise, this question is invalid, but there are still a lot of B2B businesses out there which have not been optimized with Pardot yet, or they have made the mistake of hiring the cheapest Pardot consultant, without even checking if the consultancy has relevant experience with utilizing Pardot in similar projects before.

Now that you know why the automated solution is so big these days in marketing, do make sure that the Pardot consulting services that you hire has a reputation and previous results to back up their claims.

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