Six things you didn’t know about ID cards

Six things you didn’t know about ID cards

ID cards have been around most workplaces for a very long time now. After the industrial revolution, big amounts of personnel were required for the massive size and diversification in most facilities that spread around the globe. The need for a tool to identify that an enormous number of people became commonplace very soon.

Even if they are this widespread, there are many things that people still don’t know about ID cards. In this article, we will list and examine some of them just for you. Stay tuned!

ID cards can be great tools

Most people know about ID cards as these cards that are always present to complement the uniforms of the employees. They ignore that they can also be used in various ways much beyond that.

ID cards can also be:

  • Keycards:

Keycards are cards that also open doors. They use a chip inside them or a magnetic band to trigger the door’s mechanism. They also complement more complex security devices that keep a log database of access to a particular door at certain times of the day.

  • Credit cards:

ID cards can often be part of an e-commerce system inside certain facilities. E-cards can be used to store a person’s credit information using an internal e-currency. People can pay for services or products inside that facility just using the ID card that they hold around their necks every day.

They are not only security tools

ID cards are much more than that. They are a symbol of any company and its workforce. Every time employees use ID cards, and it strengthens their sense of belonging to the company. They can also see other employees wearing them, so it can benefit the level of empathy they have over other employees.

ID cards are also used around the world

They are present in every culture all over the world. Most companies in many countries agree on the reasons ID cards are used and implement them into their daily routines. Its uses are very widespread, even in societies where people don’t usually connect with each other that fast.

They are used in virtually every work environment

ID cards are used by those that perform customer support and those who don’t. They are not there only to be seen by the clients, and their role is much wider. That is the reason why you see them every day, and its use is very widespread among the service and product industry, but also at private companies that do manage to take care of clients directly.

They are customizable

Employers can customize ID cards in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes they allow employees to do that themselves. To customize an ID card that has already been printed, you can use many accessories. Some of them are:

Lanyards: lanyards are the often made of a textile material. They are cords that hold Id cards around the necks of the bearers. You can acquire UK best lanyards on the internet. They come in various colors and presentations, and it is easy to find the one that best fits your company.

Even employees benefit from them

Employees do not only use ID cards. They can also benefit from them because they also see the information in them when they roam the workplace.

ID cards also have a great role in security

Seeing that seeing an ID card and identifying the person that wears it is important and is done daily by everyone. But is not the only thing you can do to improve security at your workplace. Although this is a bit off-topic, as it is an important issue we will mention some security tips for you to consider:

Avoid arriving too early or leaving work too late

Being at work too early can make you vulnerable to dangerous situations because there will be fewer people around to support you at early hours in the morning.

Follow security protocols and backup plans

ID cards are part of those protocols, wear them at all times and remember that they are useful during emergencies. Employees, in general, should receive some training to make sure that security protocols are followed when an emergency happens.

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