How to Succeed as a Marketing Manager: Vital Skills Required

How to Succeed as a Marketing Manager: Vital Skills Required

A particular set of skills are needed for one to be a successful marketing manager. Although some of the required skills require personal knowledge of the industry, several of these revolve around the ability to communicate with other people. A good example of this is someone with good computer skills – he or she can become a good manager for computer related products. Employers expect you to have corresponding skills to your work ethics, and have some experience in the same as well. Outlined below are 7 of the required skills for one to be a marketing manager.

1. Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills

You need strong communication and interpersonal skills to be able to not only interact with customers but other people as well. Persons with excellent interpersonal skills don’t struggle to start a conversation with other people and are better placed at persuading a customer to buy a product. Developing such skills is relatively easy. You can start by striking conversations with mentors, friends, professors, and even people you don’t know to cultivate the skill.

2. Ability to Write Well

There is more to writing well than just scribbling things up. You not only need to understand your vocabulary well but also be able to create exciting pieces with very little to no grammatical mistakes. The article also needs to be factual and well laid out as well.

3. Possess Advanced Computer Skills (MS Office; Excel, Word and PowerPoint)

The three MS Office packages are vital for this occupation, especially in brand design companies. You not only need to be conversant with these packages but also be able to navigate pages as well as type fast to create reports and other required documents on time. With computers becoming a part of everyday life, it’s advisable to familiarise yourself with both basic and advanced computer skills, and particularly MS Office packages.

4. Outgoing and Optimistic

A good marketer can work in almost any environment regardless of the challenges presented to him/her. This is because he/she can interact with other people cordially, jokingly at times just to drive the message home. A career in marketing demands one to be optimistic and outgoing to be able to reach the crowds. You need the right attitude to be able to approach the market to woo potential customers into using your product.

5. Team Oriented

A good marketing manager shouldn’t struggle to work with others. This is because he/she will be required to hold meetings with executives and employees almost every day. Working with your team is the only way you can achieve better results or even impress the executives. It is also by working as a team that even the lowest performer can be motivated to work hard for the sake of delivering results.

6. Problem Solving Qualities

A team leader and marketing manager should be able to resolve a disagreement or find a solution to a problem without making the situation worse. Another quality of a problem solver is respect. This characteristic helps one to show respect even when there is a misunderstanding. They are innovative as well. One of the best things with being a problem solver is that you can help the bosses identify ways to fix problems with a product and even create a better product. Understanding other employees and coping with them is also a blessing for marketing managers.

7. Project Management and Presentation Skills

As mentioned earlier, marketing managers need to possess computer skills to be able to create PowerPoint presentations as well as present them to employers or in meetings. One should be able to create a captivating and exciting presentation to ensure everyone in the meeting isn’t bored by the same. How you present your points and project also matters a lot as a project manager. Executing such projects is something you need to be comfortable doing as well.

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