The Ins And Outs Of Starting A Podcast

The Ins And Outs Of Starting A Podcast

Until fairly recently, documentaries and online newspapers were the main sources of news and information. Before that, it was television and radio and before that, print was the only way to get the word around.

One of the more popular ways to get information these days comes in the form of what’s called a podcast. A podcast can be likened to a medium in between television and print, which are both visual. A podcast is a show that is produced over the internet to be listened to only. It’s similar to the radio shows that used to be popular except you can listen to a podcast whenever you want and you can find them at the touch of a few buttons on your laptop, phone or tablet.

If you are getting ready to start a podcast of your own, you should be aware of what to expect during and after the process. With a bit of research and some insight from other podcasters you may know, you can get one started without a hitch. You will need to invest in some decent software and hardware at first and after your podcast gets off the ground, you can invest some more higher end equipment. Things like microphones, headsets, podcast recording software and editing software are just some of the things you will need to start podcasting.

Some other things to consider when getting ready to start a podcast include:

1) Will you do the podcast alone or will you have a partner or partners. Will there be guests from time to time?

2) What topics will you cover? Will you focus on one particular niche or will the podcast be a mix bad of everything?

3) How much research is involved in preparing your podcast and how long will each episode be?

4) How many episodes per week or per month will you put out?

5) What are your goals in terms of audience and followers?

6) How will you stick to your budget or will you even have one?

Creating a podcast will take a lot of work and dedication but the rewards will be worth it. It is possible to develop your podcast into a full-fledged business if you are able to come up with a topic that reaches a large and dedicated audience who will tune in regularly.

Coming up with a niche topic and ideas will likely be the hardest part of the process. You need to find something that both you and your audience will be engaged in. If you choose something that you are not passionate about, you won’t enjoy doing the podcast and that will reflect in your work. If you choose a topic that your audience is not engaged in, you will have a hard time getting followers and may even lose followers who lose interest over time. The possibilities when it comes to podcast ideas are endless. Here are some topics that are popular in this realm:
1) True Crime
2) Health and well-being
3) International news
4) Current affairs
5) Business
6) Freelancing
7) Do-it-yourself and home improvement
8) Unsolved mysteries
9) True, real life stories
10) Travel

Of course, you can do a podcast on virtually anything but having a successful podcast that turns into a full-time business requires even more steps. You should become knowledgeable and social media sharing, running a business, getting more followers and monetizing. Becoming successful may require you to attend public events, do interviews, scout out potential sponsors and attend special events where you can network with other podcasters and followers and pick up on new insider tips and tricks.

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