The use of cable ties in cable management

The use of cable ties in cable management

When you look around your office, warehouse or manufacturing floor, is there a sea of tangled wires?

If so, you could benefit by installing cable management and this needn’t be difficult, why not use Flex-It’s cable ties?

Cable ties or zip ties are versatile, they come in handy for many different purposes, whether it be fastening together wires, holding loose objects in place or functioning like a strap or zip! Flex-it have a wide range of cable ties for your business to choose from, they are made from nylon making them ideal for cable management. On one side of the ties, there are ragged teeth, which are used to tighten and lock the wires or objects in place.

It goes without saying that zip wires are tough, however, with Flex-It you can choose from a range of colours providing a natural blend with wires and the rest of working environment.

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But how are cable ties used for cable management?


Are you sick of cable spaghetti in the office? Whether it’s your PC, telephone or printer, you may not have gone wireless just yet! Although many devices are now wireless, you may still have wires lying around the office, but with Flex-It’s help, you can create a more organised working environment, which looks presentable and neat and also offers improved safety.

One advantage of cable ties, is that it has a multi-purpose function, as you can not only use them to fasten cables and wires together, but use them to declutter desks and draws by tying, pens and other utensils together, providing a temporary fix to keep things organised within your office environment.


Hospitals can use cable ties to maintain a safe environment for both patients and staff. Hospitals have many different types of medical equipment which are designed to provide comprehensive medical information and diagnosis, but more times than not these have a bundle of wires. These wires don’t only provide an unprofessional aesthetic but can cause a hazard to the medical experts as well as service users. Therefore, cable ties can keep the muddle to a minimum and prevent any accidents.

Shipbuilding and Marine

Cable ties offer suitability for various industries, including the marine industry. So, if you’re looking to bundle, clamp or fasten objects in place – you can’t go wrong with Flex-it! Take the Two-Way Cable Tie Bases they’re durable and able to withstand extreme conditions and temperatures.

Flex-It stock a range of cable ties in various colours, these can be used to colour co-ordinate your wires/cables which are vital for organisations. An example includes: using a green cable tie to fasten together all of the cables associated with your monitor, a blue cable tie for wires leading to the tower and a red cable for the printer’s wires – it’s more precise and arranged.

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