Toronto Rats Are On The Rise – Protect Your Business

Toronto Rats Are On The Rise – Protect Your Business

 Pests and vermin are a restaurant owner’s worst nightmare; just ask any restaurateur who has had the humiliation of hanging a failed DineSafe sign in their window. Former patrons are likely to wait months before returning, and due to the nature of review sites these days, a bad review mentioning the presence of rodents could tarnish your reputation for years to come. Try as they might, businesses cannot force review sites to remove bad reviews and rat sightings, even if they happened years ago.

The Greater Toronto Area is currently experiencing an alarming rise in rat populations that’s been ongoing for a number of years now. Unlike New York City, which attempts to keep estimates on its rodent population, the data in Toronto is more anecdotal, relying on incidents of rat infestations more than any attempt to count them. However, wildlife experts seem to agree that some of the reasons for the increase include a lack of predators, warmer winters, the increased popularity of compost piles, and a wave of construction and demolition that’s forced populations to leave abandoned buildings and seek out new homes. Business owners have the unenviable task of preventing this new threat from harming the public as well as their own reputations, and that’s where companies that perform rat removal in Toronto come in.

There are advertisements everywhere for pest control, so what metrics can a savvy business owner use to differentiate between the best Toronto pest control companies and the ones who cannot live up to their expectations? Image result for Toronto Rats Are On The Rise - Protect Your Business

One of the things exterminators Power Pest Control Toronto provide is an onsite evaluation and a free no-obligation quote, providing an estimate based on the size of your establishment and whether you have an ongoing problem. That’s a great place to start in your search for an exterminator, but price isn’t the only the factor you should consider when it comes to your business’s reputation. They should be able to manage any of the many species of bugs and rodents common to Toronto, including cockroaches, bed bugs, wasps and hornets, ants, flies, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, mice, and rats. They should also, like Power Pest Control, use pesticides that are known to be safe after application, even for children, pets, and pregnant women, so that you can keep your business open.

Better exterminators provide proactive management, meaning that they protect the establishment before rats or cockroaches are discovered. Visits to examine the interior and exterior of the building can be made on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis, depending on several factors. For example, the Power Pest Control system breaks their service down to monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly visits, depending not only ongoing issues, but also whether the business receives deliveries that could introduce an infestation; for example, cockroaches love cardboard and glue and frequently arrive in packages.

You may not be able to control the rat population or completely stop them from entering your business, but there are plenty of ways to eradicate them and prevent them from becoming a bigger problem. It’s well known that review sites like Yelp show bad reviews; don’t give anyone an opportunity to tarnish your reputation. Call a professional exterminator today and begin your preventative measures.

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