Trending – Suicide Rates Grows Year By Year-Suicide Cleanup Caters To A Demand.

Trending – Suicide Rates Grows Year By Year-Suicide Cleanup Caters To A Demand.

Violence outside of the home is rampant and doesn’t seem to plan on going down. But an inevitable violence in a different form seems to be growing. Suicide cases are now rampantly growing in numbers; such cases are more of an emotional drain as family members of the deceased are left with lots of questions.

CDC Reports On Suicide Rates.
  1. The highest rate of suicide by age is between the ages of 35 -64 years old.
  2. Basing on ethnicity and raise we have American Indian/ Alaska natives and non- Hispanic whites who commit suicide the most.
  3. For non-firearm suicide, the most that one chooses is suffocation which includes hanging.
  4. Men are most likely to commit suicide rather than women.

Such critical data has been monitored by the CDC to further understand pertinent factors that cause suicide. It has also been discussed that there is no specific strategy to prevent such event from happening.

Suicide prevention would mean different strategies considering that different factors would lead someone to commit suicide. Recently policies have been created to ensure that mental health facilities and infrastructures are built in rural areas. Suicide rates in the rural areas are much more sooner than in urbanized areas. This just shows that places, where people are isolated, have tendencies of committing suicide. It is no secret that they have less health care assistance because they are far from the next healthcare institution, secondly, there might be none at all.

Hollywood Suicides.

Predominantly suicide is triggered most by economic hardships, emotional situations, and drug use of any kind. Hollywood has been plagued with drug abuse of any kind. Mainly it could be due to the nature of the work. Suicide amongst Hollywood stars has been happening since the 80’s.

From the year 2000 onwards, we have seen musicians actors or actresses coming into the headlines with reports of committing suicide. They bear no indications of going through an ordeal.

Not because they are in Hollywood would they be immune to such situations. Here are some of the celebrities of which we would not expect to commit suicide.

  • Robin Williams – Oscar award winner and famous comedian ended his life way back in August 2014, he died of asphyxiation.
  • Marilyn Monroe – This famous bombshell of the early era committed suicide by taking an overdose of barbiturates.
  • Mindy McCready – Back in 2013 the country singer who has been in and out of rehab took her life through a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.
  • Heath Ledger- After the filming of the Dark Knight, Heath was later found to have died from acute intoxication.

Losing someone in the matter of suicide leaves a family to deal with the part of emotional stress and that part of the cleaning up afterward a death of such is traumatic.

Biohazard Cleanup USA is a company that you can rely on such cases as suicide cleanup.

Professional help is readily available once you contact us for help. You will be met with compassion and discreteness for such cases. We help eliminate the added stress of suicide cleanup and ensure that the people assisting are ones with specialized skills and experience.

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