Types of Warehouse Storage Solutions to Utilize All Available Space

Types of Warehouse Storage Solutions to Utilize All Available Space

With an expansion in your business, you need to pay attention to keeping your products in stock. It sometimes means that you have to maintain a warehouse, and when you have a warehouse, you need a storage solution as well. It is important to utilize whatever space you have available in your warehouse. Not being able to select a right storage solution would result in a waste of space as well as money. To make a good choice, it is important to learn about what different options you have available.

Opt for Drawers and Small Containers

This may be a good storage option, especially if you want to store small parts like ball bearings or screws. Drawers divided into smaller segmented bins are going to work even better. The best thing is that you can incorporate them into regular shelving units with heavier products placed on the upper shelves for the ease of access.

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Opt for Vertical Dividers

You can increase the available storage space by opting for dividers. You have to install these dividers for shelving to be able to stack similar products on each shelf without having to worry about anything falling over. These dividers may also go well with pullout bin storage. Opt for them if you are more interested in finding a way to keep small parts organized.

Opt for Additional Shelves

To utilize your available storage space, you can always get additional shelves. These additional shelves can be of different heights to make storage easier. If a bay of shelving is 12-inch in height, the next can be of 19 inches. This works great if you have products with varying heights. By changing the height of additional shelves, you will be able to utilize space between shelves in a much better way.

Use End Racks Properly

Just by using some creativity, you can use the ends of storage racks to store your products. You can accomplish your goal by installed louver panels at the end of your racks. Another good option is to fit slat wall systems to the very end. Here, you can add additional shelves, containers, and hooks for better storage. It also provides you with an easy access to all stored products. You can also add a small cantilever system here to improve storage possibilities. Just be sure to consider the size of your products when being creative with your racks.

Try Mobile Shelving

Another great warehouse storage option is mobile shelving, which will keep you from wasting any space due to permanently fixed shelving. This type of shelving can easily roll or slide on rails and provides you with ample storage space.

The fact of the matter is that you can find different warehouse storage solutions, but you need to take your time before making a choice. Know about what specific options you have available and then consider what you want to store. Depending on the types of products you have, you may need different sized storage options. Sometimes, drawers will suit your needs, but you might need a different storage option for larger products. So, take your time and know exactly what works right for you.

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