UK Safes

UK Safes

UK Safes

Whether you are looking for a way of keeping documents safe in your home or need somewhere to store money in your office, UK safes are a great solution and there are options to suit all budgets and all locations available on the market today. The history of safes goes back to the Industrial Revolution when they were designed to protect the important ledgers from fires. More recently, safes were designed to protect items from theft and their use spread into the home market too. Available in a range of shapes and sizes and with several locking methods, some modern UK safes are even seen as fashion accessories.


Safe Ratings

UK safes all have different cash ratings which relate to the monetary amount an insurer would value the contents of the safe at. A safe with a recognised cash rating will also have been tested for attack and a score given based on the time taken and tools used to break in. Here are the different safe grade ratings:

Tips for Choosing A Safe

  • £6,000 – Grade 0
  • £10,000 – Grade 1
  • £17,500 – Grade 2
  • £35,000 – Grade 3
  • £60,000 – Grade 4
  • £100,000 – Grade 5
  • £250,000 – Grade 6
  • £400,000 – Grade 8
  • £650,000 – Grade 9
  • £1,000,000 – Grade 10
  • £1,500,000 – Grade 11
  • £2,250,000 – Grade 12
  • £3,500,000 – Grade 13

When choosing a safe, there are several things to bear in mind. Decide whether you want a free standing, underfloor or wall safe and whether you need to be able to deposit money inside without accessing the central compartment. The value of the goods that you are storing should be considered as well as whether you want to open the safe with a key, a mechanical or electronic combination or biometric information.

With a high quality safe, your valuables will be well protected for many years to come.


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