Using Organic Folding Cartons for Your Packaging Needs

Using Organic Folding Cartons for Your Packaging Needs

Recently, lots of people have adopted organic folding cartons as the new product packaging design in the marketplace. You can utilize these cartons to hold personal products, or also showcase pharmaceutical and food products intended to generate impulse buys.

If you have been using folding cartons to satisfy your packaging needs and requirements, then well done. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to trying out organic folding cartons for the first time, here are numerous advantages you should look forward to trying.

They Are Sufficiently Rigid

Paperboards used to design folding cartons come in a myriad of weights. Provided you have chosen the ideal weight and thickness; you can rest assured that your folding carton will remain structurally sound, and every product inside will not succumb to damage.

Better yet, folding cartons are designed using corrugated boards. This provides extra support just in case the carton needs to house a bulkier product.

Preserve Foods from Chemicals and Microbes

For years now, specific contaminants (such as hazardous printing inks and mineral oils found on recycled papers) have been a major concern in the food industry.

In 2012, the Food Standards Agency invented a scanner that you could use to detect dangerous chemicals accidentally smeared on the cartons’ surface. Prior to the inception of the “detection technology,” folding cartons ensured that germs and chemicals did not get in touch with the foods.

Furthermore, I presume you do not have one of these chemical scanners with you. But do not worry, your folding cartons will ensure nothing unsafe gets in contact with your goods

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Usually, pulp used to manufacture non-virgin paperboards comes from recycled materials. Even better, scraps left behind amidst manufacture can be recycled to create new folding cartons. Such cycles will obviously leave behind minimal landfill waste products.

If you care about the environment, adopt folding cartons as your new organic packaging stratagem.

They Are Designed with Flexibility in Mind

Folding cartons come in different sizes and styles, and each style is intended to meet particular specifications. Regardless of your needs, there is a folding carton designed just for you.

Furthermore, if you are planning to re-use your folding cartons a couple of times before disposing them off, then ensure you acquire ones manufactured using “wet strength” paperboard. Paperboards prevent moisture from penetrating, which can eventually make your cartons curl.

Allows Firms to Save Cash

Companies dealing with smaller products have come to realize that large packaging is a waste of useful resources. Instead, these firms have switched to folding cartons because they are readily available and in all sizes.

The fact that a firm can purchase folding cartons according to their size requirements implies that they can save massive amounts they were using up on large boxes and containers.

Firms Can Avail Unique Printing Techniques

Prospects and clients have been known to make purchase decisions based on emotions, and trust me, products in attractive packages might just place your customers in the right mood to try out your goods.

Take full advantage of modern printing technologies and display your brand’s holographic images, Fresnel Lenses, QR codes, and logos.

Materials used to manufacture folding cartons are printer-friendly, and they’ll allow you to customize the folding carton whichever way you like.

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